A Grandparent’s Faith
By Glynnis Whitwer

“I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” 2 Timothy 1:5 (NIV)

My husband Tod’s family went to church faithfully. That’s what they had always done. But once inside the brick walls of home, the story was different. There the masks came off, and Tod and his little brother lived with the painful reality of their parents’ bad choices. Living a double life became the norm for Tod, and he learned early that Christianity was something you put on with your church clothes.

Summer, however, brought more than relief from school, homework and the daily routine of life. Summer brought with it a short relief from living in the craziness of his family, because summer meant time at his grandparent’s home.

Grandma and Grandpa Whitwer were humble people. They served alongside each other as ministers, sacrificially laying down their lives to travel from church to church in the northernmost reaches of our country. They served well into their retirement years, and never gave up ministering to others.

Throughout the years they saw the pain of their son’s choices; choices that drastically affected the lives of their grandchildren. But there was little they could do to intervene. At least it was little in the eyes of the world.

What they did had a lasting impact on Tod. Quietly and consistently, they showed love to Tod. Their never-wavering faith was an anchor. Their unconditional love was like water to a thirsty child. Their integrity was a light on a hill to a lost boy. Amel and Elise Whitwer gave hope to a young boy; hope that there was more to God and to this life than what he knew. Moreover, Tod learned from his grandparents that Christianity was something you lived out every day, not just on Sundays.

Through the faith of two grandparents, I learned that God doesn’t need dynamic preaching to convey His love. Nor does he need people with classy cars, big houses or fancy vacation plans to make an impression. God can change a life, and a generation of lives, using the gentle, consistent, sincere lives of people who love and serve Him.

The faith of a grandmother … the faith of a grandfather …. it changed my husband’s life. It changed my life. And it is changing our children’s lives. Never underestimate the power of faith to make an impact over generations.

Note from Author: Before Tod’s parents passed away, we were blessed to see both of them receive healing and restoration, to God and to their families.

Dear Lord, thank You for the model of faith You have given me through the lives of previous generations. Help me to honor those people who love and honor You. Like them, I long to be a woman who creates a legacy of faith to those who will follow in my footsteps. Help me be the woman You want me to be. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Application Steps:
If your grandparents are still alive, take the time to write them a letter, or call them. If you are a grandparent, write your grandchildren a letter.

Think of an older woman who has been a model of Christian faith. What are some of her most memorable characteristics?

What can you do now to become a woman of faith who will leave a legacy?

Power Verses:

Isaiah 55:11, “… so is my word that goes out from my mouth; It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” (NIV)

Daniel 4:34b, “His dominion is an eternal dominion; his kingdom endures from generation to generation.” (NIV)

Deuteronomy 7:9, “Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands. (NIV)


Blogger Shannon said...

My grandparents live right next door, we have a duplex...They have great faith. They share it together by doing daily devotions and Bible Reading. They pray for each of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. They have a list of everyone they pray for, and add to it as the month goes on. They share with us what family means. They share with us what Faith means. They share with us love, understanding, and compassion. they are both almost 81 and 82. Their minds are starting to deteriate, but with the patience they have shown us, we are caring for them....we even share supper with them everynight!
What sweet memories you have made me think about.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this reminder of the difference a grandparent can in the life of their grandchildren for eternity. My husband and I quit jobs in Indiana to move to California to be involved in our new granddaughter's life (she was 2 weeks old) because we felt God wanted us to be His influence in her life. We had no prospects of work in CA, or a place to live. We flew out and God showed us a home to rent w/n 2 days, we sold our house in Indiana in 8 days and I found a job within a month of relocating. God made a way for us to hands-on grandparents by demonstrating to us that he was opening the way and by blessing us with the opportunity to teach His love and grace to a beautiful child. Ceresa - cerbeas@sbcglobal.net

Blogger Carol said...

This was great Glynnis! My grandmother has made a lasting impact on me as well. She is 93 and she gets up every day and says "Use me, Lord." She's taught me that God can use anybody who is willing. Last year, I stepped out on faith and asked God to use me and really meant it. He has changed my life in so many ways in the past year. Doors have opened and blessings have poured in. My grandmother can barely walk (both hips are out of socket), she is blind, and she has lost the feeling in her fingers - yet still she says whatever I have God, it is yours to use. You would be surprised all the ways He has used her still. That is a grandmother's faith that has changed me forever! :)
~Carol the_hatchers@bellsouth.net

Blogger Amy Lively said...

My daughter is blessed to live within two miles of all four of her grandparents. Their presence in our daily lives is priceless.

I feel an indesrcribable link through our shared faith to my own grandmother, Ginger, who died when I was only five. I have a paper in my Bible that she carried in her Bible, with the words to her favorite hymns. When I sing these songs with my daughter I'm reminded of Psalm 89:1, "I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever; With my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations." It's an awesome privilege and responsibility to be used by God to make His faithfulness known. I thank you, Lord, for the legacy of faith in my family, and I pray for the wisdom and strength to carry it on. Amy, amy@thelivelymerchant.com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very fortunate to have three very faithful, very inspiring and most importantly strong Christians in which I am trying my hardest to pattern my life after. Their dedication to their family, their committment to each other and God are the reason I am firmly planted in my faith today.
One set has been married 64 years and one can see their love and commitment for each other through everything they do. Their love for the church and God are not just on Sundays either, but evident throughout the week.
My other grandmother (who is 93) is an amazing faithful woman. Even though my grandfather has been with Jesus for over 30 years, her love for him has never waivered. Her devotion to God and church remain strong even though she is now homebond. I just can't say enough about my grandparents, I love them and am SO thankful for their guidence and direction in my faith today.


Blogger Hadassah said...

My grandmother had a great sense of humor, and passed down the legacy of love and mirth to her entire family. Three generations later, we still laugh and joke whenever we gather.

I didn't realize what a blessing her joy and humor were until later in life, when I had opportunities to observe other families close up. I saw that my grandmother's ability to find joy and humor in everyday circumstances gifted all of us with the ability to cover each other's faults with love, and reflect on each other with lovingkindness instead of bitterness.

I still laugh all the time, especially with my own children. I want them to take joy with them throughout life, even when circumstances are difficult. I want my grandmother's gift to continue into the next generation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I praise God every day for the gift of faith that has been shared from my Mom to me and now has been passed down to my children. Her unyielding devotion to Christ has been an inspiring example to me and has made such an impact on my children that both of them have given theirs lives to Christ at an early age. Several years ago, my mother had a near fatal reaction to a prescription medicine that she was taking. The doctors said that she had a 30% chance of "expiring". I remember praying for God to heal her and He did. One day while she was still in the hospital, I remember thinking about the fact that she still had more work to do for Christ and that it would be premature for her to die before age 50, and then I thought, if the Lord decide to take her now, she has already made a lasting impact on two generations and if she never did another thing, her life was not in vain. Both my sister and I are saved and love the Lord with all of our hearts. We have been blessed with wonderful God-fearing husbands; have graduated from college all with the support of our single-parent Mom who trusted Jesus to be her help. She has not just been a Sunday Christian, but has an obvious personal relationship with the Lord. Although we are members of different local churches, she has faithfully brought my children to participate in her church's dynamic children's ministry on Wednesday nights since the were old enough to start going. She clearly understands what it means to leave an inheritance to her children's children and that is why I feel that she would be blessed with the Grandmother's Bible.

Blogger Ashley said...

I grew up on the mission field and was not around my grandparents a whole lot growing up. However, I have always felt a connection with my grandparents because of their prayer lives they lived. They prayed for us continually while we were overseas and their prayers were felt. Now that we are stateside and I have a family of my own, I am so close to my grandparents. They love my husband and my children. They have showed me that you may retire, but you never retire from the faith. Never. The continue to serve faithfully in their church and live lives full of prayer. I know that I can trust them to pray over a prayer request I give them. They are sweet blessings in my life.


Blogger Lori said...

What a beautiful reminder of my own grandmother who passed away in January. The home I grew up in was rarely peaceful, but summers spent with my grandparents have had a lasting impact on my life. I could hardly wait for summer to come. Even as an adult it was my favorite place on earth. My grandmother displayed a quiet faith in God and prayed regularly for her children.
Thank you, Lori - lcortright@embarqmail.com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this beautiful devotion. It goes along with the beautiful saying, "Preach the word of God, when necessary use words". Our legacy is left by our actions. Thank you.


Blogger bjlewis said...

My grandmother, now 89 and in a nursing home, faithfully raised her family in church. Two of my uncles serve as ministers which continues to influence the entire family. Grandma insisted that we all go to church together - I can't remember a time when I was young that we weren't all there. My grandpa passed away many years ago, and she remained faithful even after losing him. Many times she would pick her grandkids and/or great-grandkids up in her car on Sunday morning and take them to church because their own parents would not take them. She never preached a sermon or verbally stressed how important a relationship with God is, but her dedication and faithfulness taught us more than 1000 sermons. God is faithful as her life taught all of us.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a blessing this devotional has been to my life each day. I have learned so much and it has encouraged me to work in my areas of weakness. Thank you and God bless you all for your hard work!


Blogger LaTrisia said...

My grandmother who had a great impact of helping me learn more about the Lord. She gave me my first bible story book that had pictures as well as words. She's in a nursing home and I really miss being able to talk with her like we use too. She loved to that I was seeking God and would give me different things to help me with studying the Word of God better. Before she had a stoke, my grandmother had enough faith in me to ask me to pray for her. She saw in me what I didn't she in myself. My grandmother had enough faith in GOD to give a little girl like me a seed of God and allow God to water it and in it's season watch it bloom to such beauty. I Thank my Grandmother for giving me a book that has changed my life for ever and I pray that God would help me to give that gift to my children and my grandchildren, just as my grandmother did for me. My son's have that same book my grandmother gave to me when I was little and they read it too. A Grandmother's Faith has grown beyond anything we would have imagined.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandparents believed God was who He said He was and could do what He said He could do. They lived their faith in private and public. God was the center of their universe. They prayed together and had devotions together and separately prayed constantly. They were married for 77 years, died 13 days apart at the age of 97. I learned from them that God was a reality; that in Him, we live and move and have our being. I am richly blessed to have witnessed their faith. Sara


Blogger December Rose said...

I am a first-time grandmothter of a 7 month old grandson! The challenge for me is living 800 miles away, yet being a part of my grandson's life.

While my daughter was pregnant, I wrote her weekly notes of encouragement from mom to mom-to-be. Now I send notes to Gavin so he will know how much I love him, even though I can't be with him all the time.

My notes always start with a Bible verse that carries on with a bit of wisdom or encouragement to pass along. I want Gavin to see the Bible verses as a natural part of life applications, not just a dusty book on the shelf.

Thank you for the devotion - it affirms the importance of my role as a grandmother, even if I am a long-distance one.

Gramma Susan

Blogger Deb said...

I have been truly blest by the devotions on your website. God has used them so many times to speak directly into a situation I am dealing with right at that exact moment.
I am a grandmother raising my 4 granddaughters. I recently quit my job at God direction to be at home with the girls. I am trusting God to somehow see us through financially.
I don't want praise or sympathy for what I am doing but I would covet the prayers of those who read this. It is not always easy to go back to being a full time mom but God will see us through.
Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my aunt, who is more like my mom (my kids call her aunt-grandma), became a christian a few years ago after my little cousin (her grandson) accepted Christ. we had been praying for her salvation for years and just knew that it would pay off one day. it is so amazing to see how God works in the lives of His children and how He uses even the little ones to make an impact for His Kingdom. her faith is growing stronger by the day and i love to see how God is using her to strengthen our family. she is a true blessing and a joy to me & my children and i am so proud of her. my kids now have an aunt-grandma that will be with them long after this life is over.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved this devotional in particular. I have 6 grandchildren ranging from 15 to 2. They are the light of my life and I love them more than a grandmother should. (Especially the 2 year old!) I am always encouraging them to walk with the Lord and seek his ever present guidance and love. I believe that God gave me a chance to influence their lives and I use every chance I get to love the Lord and look to Him daily. I would like to enter the contest for the Grandmother's Bible. My own grandmother's faith was unceasing and my faith is what helps me guide my grandchildre.

Blogger Lorrie said...

My grandmother passed away on March 1st. She lived just 10 minutes away from me, I miss her every day. Last June, we found out my Grandma Nell had cancer. It was a shock to our family. Being 27 years old at the time, I had both set of my grandparents, healthy and strong. It was hard for me to fathom that I could possibly lose a grandparent. The outlook was grim and we treasured the next 8 months God gave us with Grandma Nell. She taught me many things over the years, but I think the most important lesson she taught me was in those last months. She taught me how to die with grace. She never complained, never asked why me, she was totally at peace with it from the beginning. Some of the best talks, laughter, and love came in those last few months. My grandma was so strong in her faith and knew her time to be with Jesus was coming soon. That unwavering faith has given me so much faith. I can't wait to see her again in heaven.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel like I was raised by my grandmother because my mom was a single parent. I know that I am a
Christian today because of the prayers of both of my grandmothers. Their lives exampled to me everyday about caring for others and sharing the love of Christ. They went to church but they also lived it outside the walls of the church. My grandmother has been gone for over 13 years now, but I still miss talking to her and feeling the special love and attention that she gave to me. Now I am a grandmother and I hope that I am as good as she was. If so, I will be a wonderful grandma.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember the faith of my grandmothers. I knew they were believers, they attended church regularly. But the memories are made of listening to one play her favorite hymns on the piano at home, or listening to stories of Jesus from their mouth. It was their faith that kept them going after both lost husbands. It was their faith that saw them through so many health problems. And faith the lead them peacefully to God in the end. Now that I am a grandmother, I have followed their example and have striven to teach my granddaughters about Jesus, talked to them about God's laws and His desires for our lives. I have cried as I watched them sing in church, prayed with them their hearts' desires and watch them grow into loving persons. They all love God and Jesus, and they are learning more about him every day. It has been such a joy, and honor, and responsibility to be a part of their lives. I thank God we live close to all of them so that we can have this opportunity to pass on the blessings we received from our grandparents to our granddaughters. Love has been the key. And we love them all so much.

Blogger Pam said...

My grandparents were wonderful examples of the true love of God. They were born and raised Amish. After their marriage my grandfather began to seek out the Word of God. God spoke to his heart and he became a born again Christian. He was banned from his family for a number of years but he did not give up his love for God's Word. He became an evangelist and traveled the US preaching God's Word. He was know as the minister "From the Buggy to the Pulpit." He and my grandmother raised 6 children and taught them to love God. I am so thankful for the heritage that they both have left for our family. It's a wonderful thing to be able to pass it down to my own grandchildren today. Pam

Blogger Karen said...

I never knew my grandfathers, they passed before I was born. Both of my grandmothers died before I was 8, so I was never blessed with those Godly examples when I was young. However, when I started dating my husband, his grandparents gave me wonderful examples of staying strong in your faith, especially in times of trouble. They weren't perfect, but you could see their love for God everyday. Grandpa passed away almost 4 years ago & if possible, Grandma is even more faithful as she "waits to see him again", as she puts it. My mother is also a very big influence in my life. She had a horrible upbringing, put always found time to go to church & continued that with her 2 daughters, despite not having support from my dad. She is a very strong, powerful influence in my boys lives also & I pray that she is around long enough to be that same example in my grandkids lives.

Blogger Debra said...

Thank You for this devotion. My grandmother was the first one to give me my faith. Thank You Gram.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This reminds me of my grandparents. I lived with them during my primary and elementary years and they taught me to love God, and that he loved me. That has stayed with me for my entire life and I am thankful that I was able to be taught by them both.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandmother is 95 years old. She has lived a life of faith that has been a light to her 7 children,13 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren. Growing up in a very disfunctional home myself, she has been a constant reminder to me that God is good, even in bad circumstances. God will take care of you, bless you, and develop you into His likeness if you are just willing to open your heart and let him. We don't have to fall prey to the generational bondage we grow up with, especially if we have grandparents or other relatives of influence who are godly people that live out their faith in tangible ways every day. Although my grandmother has buried all but one of her seven children, she still loves the Lord, trusts Him in all things and shares that encouragement with others who are going through difficult times. She often says she doesn't know why the Lord is keeping her here, but I do. She is an inspiration and encouragement to so many people.

Blogger Ashley Gosnell said...

My grandmother is a mighty prayer warrior. My family was much like the one described in today's devotion. I went to a Christian school, but the atmosphere at home was many times, very different. I am so thankful that my grandmother and grandfather never failed to pray for me daily and continue to do so even today. That is the most precious gift they could ever give me, and I credit them with the deep faith that I have in my Lord. Thank you, MaMaw and PaPaw Allen. I love you,

Blogger Joyce Nichols said...

This devotion has been such a blessing. My grandmother Marie, met God and Jesus face to face two weeks ago. What a reunion that must have been. I have been able to really focus on how she impacted my life. She had a passion to inspire others to Jesus. She walked to church most of her life(almost two miles). This was an example of how much she truly wanted to worship our Lord. I have the privilege to pass this passion for Jesus, along to my two children ages two and six. Sincere faith, WOW what a blessing, my grandmother was and will continue to be passed down for generations.
Joyce, his sheep in AWE of GOD

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never knew my grandfathers and my grandmothers both died while I was a young child. Yet, I know that they instilled in their children the importance of faith, love and following Christ. It is so evident to me because my father decided to be a minister. I am so thankful that my children have grandparents that are devoted to the Lord and live that out each day.
Suzanne sw87@evansville.edu

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful devotion. I just lost my last grandparent in February. She was such a blessing to our family & possessed a strong, quiet faith in her Lord. We miss her dearly but know one day we will all be reunited for eternity!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never new my Grandfater, but my Grandmother was an extrodinary woman of faith. I was a child when she passed away but she left a lasting impression on me and my cousins. Today's devotional is a reminder that I want to be that kind of Grandmother someday.
Please enter me in the Grandmother's Bible givaway contest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law has been, and is now, the greatest example of Christian faith I've ever known. When my husband and I first married we went to church sporadically and my mother-in-law diligently prayed but did not push us towards church. After our first child was born, she continued to pray but also expressed her great desire for her granddaughter to be in church. Since I did not grow up in a church-going family, I did not know the great love that God wanted to bless me with through my church family. The joy seen in my mother-in-law's eyes when she heard of our children's professions of faith and watched as each of them was baptized is just a glimpse of what I know she feels on the inside. Because of her faith in a God Who we know answers prayers, our family now has the assurance of eternal life.


Blogger 5Warrens said...

I grew up in a home similar to Todd, my mother always took me to church on Sundays. I can't remember ever not being in church. But as I approached my teen years, I left. It seemed like a "have to" instead of a "longing for". As I look back, I see how important my grandparents were in showing me what a relationship with the Lord was, instead of a religion. It has taken me years to "see" the difference. I am so thankful for that foundation layed for me as a child, and the Lord has blessed that by opening my eyes to the difference. My family and I are now seeking to serve Him as int'l missionaries and I can't wait to thank my grandparents one day for the daily example they showed me, even when they thought I wasn't looking. Thank you for reminding me of the precious gift of godly grandparents! Have a beautiful day :)

Blogger The Brace Family said...

one incredible woman-
My grandma lived to be 87 years old..and unlike the other posts she stood strong without the support of her husband going to church with her daily. Grandma Mary also volunteered for over 50 years in a kindergarten class in her Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, VA. I'm forever grateful for her and miss her dearly. She was one and a million. It's great to see the impact that most of these blog comments say about both grandparents working together..but how hard is is to do it on your own..basically raising my dad and his sister by herself?? As I grew up even in my late 20's after college we would spend time doing a devotion together from Our Daily Bread..to this day my husband and I get this and read it. Grandma Mary will live a legacy in our hearts. One last thing..the day our first son was born Sept. 11, 2006 was the last day here on earth that she was coherant...wow...she waited and then went to be with the Lord and I do feel is our son Isaac's guardian angel.
Again her leaving behind a legacy..has impacted my parents (her son and daughter-in-law)..now as of recently my mom(for the first time I remember) is using my grandma's old bible and doing a devotion daily...That is HUGE!! I would be honored to pass this Bible that you are giving away to my son to share with even further generations. Blessings to you all...keep touching lives like you are. In His strong grip, Kristen

Blogger DJ Boyd said...

My grandparents lived near us on a farm down the road. I remember that we always had prayer before eating every meal. Afterwards my grandmother would get out her Bible and we would read a passage. They were wonderful role models of what it means to be a Christian. Their daily walk with God was very instumental in my becoming a child of God. Your devotional today brings back many fond memories. Thanks DJ Boyd

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughters are blessed to have both of my parents in their lives. They are an awesome Godly influence in their lives. My 3 year old loves going to Grandma's Bible school. She is already praying and praising God for the answers. Although hre prayers may seem simple to us, they take on a whole different meaning to her. She will ask for us to pray for her and then thank the Lord for healing her. I believe that this is due to the influences of my parents. They taught me early on how important the Lord is in my life and I hope to be able to do the same with my girls with their help. Sarah Sarahjo9879@aol.com

Blogger Heidi said...

Today's devotion spoke straight to my heart. My grandparents were also the light of hope, the gift of faith in my life. True, my parents took me to church and Sunday school every week. I was at church every Wednesday night and Saturday morning. But, at home behind closed doors...it was ROUGH! I grew up in an extremely difficult childhood home. There was lots of turmoil. Eventually my parents divorced and my mother remarried a Jew, after leaving the Christian faith for Judaism. Through all of this, my grandparents were the reason I stayed so close to the Lord. I saw them do their daily devotion each and every morning. I saw them pray. I saw them trust the Lord. They prayed for my mother to return to Christianity for over 15 years. My grandmother passed away almost 2 years ago. My grandfather's faith wavered after she went home to be with our Lord and Savior. But, what I noticed, when his faith wavered his grandchildren were his ray of hope, his light of faith, and yes...my mother was the leader of the pack...bringing him back to trusting in the Lord. My mother attends church every Sunday with my grandfather. My mother now does the daily devotions with my grandfather. My mother now is an active member of her church. And now, finally, my mother and I have true heart-to-heart talks about the Lord and His love for us!! My mother is now the grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren. I KNOW she will be able to be that light of faith and ray of hope teaching her grandchildren about their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Isn't our Lord amazing?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mother in law, Opal Ray, was the greatest example of a grandmother that I have ever seen. Her life reflected the kind of love that I will always aspire for. She would share with me that on nights when she could not sleep, she would begin to pray for each of us in her family. She would call out her children and grandchildren by name and pray for all of us night after night. She was in a great deal of pain (from illness) the last two years of her life that caused her to miss much sleep. That never seemed to stop her from loving and serving her grandchildren. All of her grandchildren were special to her as were they all brilliant in her eyes. She could genuinely encourage even the least of acts giving each child a sense of accomplishment. Ma's house was a safe place to be. When her grandchildren needed someone to talk to, they all knew they could call Ma for some Godly wisdom and advice. Not long before she went to be with Jesus, she shared with me that she had no regrets about her life. (Not that she had not made mistakes, just that she had absolutely no regrets.) Wow, I wish I could say that about yesterday. I have recently become a grandmother, myself. While Ma will not see her great grandchildren this side of heaven, I intend to uphold her legacy of being the nurturing, supporting and encouraging grandmother that she was, vowing to call out my grandchild (or children) by name in prayer. I will forever cherish the sweet things Ma taught me about being a Godly grandmother.

Blogger loopie said...

My grandparents were not saved until I was a grown woman with children.

However, God brought a little grandmother into my life when I was 6 years old. Miss Jessie, she would walk to our house on saturdays to talk to us and our mother. The walk was about 3 miles. She would invite us to church and to know her Jesus.

Our mother would let me and my sister go to sunday school. We went for a couple of years and then when I was 8 and my sister was 11, mom went with us to and Easter service. We each gave our lives to the Lord that morning.

Had it not been for Miss Jessie sharing the Word and her experiences with us we would not have met the Lord when we did. She reached out to my mother who is a wonderful mother and she is a wonderful grandmother to my children and she shows God's love to her grandchildren.

Miss Jessie never married, never had any children of her own. However, God gave her many children to nurture and to encourage to know Jesus and have their own relationship with him.

Miss Jessie did have the chance to meet my children when they were babies. They don't remember that but they do know the stories of how she touched our lives. Through those stories she has touched their lives as well.

She was also active in giving to the missions. She taught us the importance of relationship with Jesus and the importance of knowing God's word. But she also taught us the importance of giving to further God's kingdom and to reach out to others that they would know the wonderful love of a wonderful God.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many grandmothers lead their grandchildren the best way they know how....especially if they did not have been shown the way themselves. I saw the Bible and thought this would be a beautiful gift to give a grandmother that wants to lead the way , but does not know how.
My desire as a mother is to give this Bible to my childrens' grandmothers' as a deposit of love that shall reap a godly heritage.
I believe it is never too late to start and thanking you for hearing my heart.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither my grandparent's or my parent's did not demonstrate Christ to me. Although I grew up in a great home, Christ was not the center of it. But, I heard stories of my Great Grandmother and what a great woman of God she was. My mother would tell me about her life when she was young and that it was always her Grandmother that supported and loved her. She told me of a time when they did not have any food at all and how my Great Grandmother would go door to door and ask for food for her (my mother). She would say "I don't need anything but it would bless me for you to feed my granddaughter". I know and I feel the prayers, the conviction and the love that my Great Grandmother had for the Lord. Those things translate into a soft covering for me and my family (husband and 3 children) in our walk. I am so grateful and I know that it is she who came before me and left a legacy of faith that I can now share with my family.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of my earliest memories of church are of being in Granny's Sunday School class. Occasionally they would have supper over at our house on Sat. nites, and she would gently remind me to study my lesson and memorize the Bible verse. Even now, that is how I know/ recite the verses (in KJV). Granny and Grandaddy have been wonderful examples for their 3 daaughters and for me and my brother and cousins and now my husband and children.


Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the daily devotions. God has used so many of them in my life and in the lives of my Thursday girls - a Bible study group. My granddaughter is 4 and real girly girl. She loves flowers and I had an opportunity to explain to her that God not only made the flowers, but that he did it as a gift to her. She's one of 3 kids and loves anything that is "just for me". It was one of the sweetest conversations I've ever had. Thanks for the opportunity to share it. sandra.peters@duke.edu

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both of my grandmothers lived out thier faith daily. They were very different women. One reserved and quiet, the other never met a stranger. They showed me that living out your faith can affect lives of those around you not just your own. I am now enjoying watching my mother and my mother in law live out their faith as examples to my children.

Blogger LaTrisia said...

I apologize I forgot to leave my email address for the drawing.


Allow what our grandparents taught us to continue to teach our children,our grandchildren, our great grandchildren and more generations to come.

Blogger Kelly said...

I never had children of my own, but I married a man with three children when they were young..now they are all adults, and the oldest has six children, so I am a grandmother to six! I feel blessed I can impart Jesus to these children, who now range from 6 months to 11 years. The two oldest girls come over and spend the weekends with my huband and I, and we take them to church with us...it has been a real blessing to learn about how important it is to pray for your grandchildren and know that the Lord is good, even though I didn't have kids of my own, I have them and they are a blessing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This devotion reminded me of my grandmother, BB, who passed away about 5 years ago at the age of 97. She was a big influence in my life and in my brothers and sisters lives as well. We grew up in a Christian home, but she taught us alot by her actions. She cared for her invalid mother and invalid husband in her home for many many years. We never saw her complain, but instead served them with joy. We witnessed her serving others in her community at the same time as well. She would make food and deliver to shut-ins or sick families. She was faithful to her Church and her God. They were on a fixed income, but tithed as well as gave joyfully. About 10 years after her mother and husband passed away (each within a couple of years of the other) she became legally blind. She continued her ministry by praying faithfully for others - and never complained. She has been gone 5 years now but she is surely missed by us all. I have no children, but have nieces and nephews that I try influencing in their life.
If I were to win the Grandmother Bible, since I have no grandchildren, I would like to honor one of my sisters who does have a grandchild and give it to her. She is like our grandmother -in influencing her young grandson. His parents aren't church goers, but she does get to keep him often, takes him to church and provides examples of Christian living/loving to him.

Thank you,
cathy ellis

Blogger sharron said...

I also thank you remembering the loving memories of grandparents.
I can remember spending 2 weeks each summer with my grandparents. One of my favorite memories was laying down beside my grandmother on the couch after lunch and her telling me stories until I fell asleep for the "afternoon nap". It's been well over 40 years but I can still remember her telling me the stories of Chicken Little and Little Red Riding Hood and how much expression she would have in her voice and in her eyes. I'm very blessed to have had a great relationship with them over the years, and I hope to one day pass on to my grandchildren, some of their stories. Those memories to me are priceless.
Thank you for such great daily devotions. I look forward to them each day.
sharron in louisiana

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandparents lived right down the road from us as I was growing up. My grandpa milked cows, and I loved to go over and bring the cows in from the pasture and help grandpa feed them once they got in the stalls in the barn. My grandfather was a singer, and sang at many, many funerals, weddings, and other special events over the years. God gave him this special gift, and I even got to sing with him on occasion. He never lost his voice, and he went to be with the Lord when he was 93 years old. I was very blessed to have christian grandparents, and I plan on being there for my grandchildren some day.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thank God for my grandparents who are now deceased. Because my dad died at an early age, my mother had to get a job to support 7 children. She had a job that required her to work 3rd shift which meant she was often tired on Sunday mornings since she worked Saturday nights. My grandparents lived on the opposite side of town, but would faithfully pick the grandchildren up each and every Sunday to ensure we made it to Sunday services to feed our spiritual growth and development. What a powerful commitment that has had a lasting impact on my life. rpitts90@hotmail.com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandfather passed away at the age of 56 when I was 9 years old. My parents were divorced so as a 7 and 8 year old I spent alot of weekend and summer nights at my grandparents home. One of my memories of my grandfather was every night before going bed he would get down on one knee in their den and have prayer outloud. He never insisted that we pray but that we be present in the den during this time. As a young child I never understood why this was so important to him. But as I grew up that image of him remained vivid in my mind and is a lasting impression of him. It has taken me many years to fully comprehend the power of prayer but now being in my forties and having a closer walk with God that even before and having witnessed the power of prayer makes me appreciate even more the wonderful man my grandfather was!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loves this devotion. I no longer have my grandparents and I'm not a grandparent as of yet. I'm a 38 year old single mother of 3. I am writing this about my mother. She has recently been baptized, attending our church regularly, and involved in a small group. I'm so excited to see her faith grow. I can see how important the Lord is to her and how she is drawing closer and closer to Him all the time. She is making such a great impact on my 3 children. I believe one day that my children (18,13,10) will be able to write a note about how her Christian faith helped them grow in Christ. Thank you Jesus!
Shawna (Shawna21970@yahoo.com)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This devotional warmed my soul! It was a reminder of how my grandmother's faith and dedication shaped my life as a child. I grew up in a household where my parents argued and fought a lot. We were raised as agnostics. Every weekend we went over my grandmothers house she would pray for us. Watching her pray instilled something in me that never left. I would go back home and pray for my parents. Although my parents eventually got a divorce, I was able to lead my mother to Christ. I am very thankful of the quiet instruction and how my grandmother's prayers brought us through.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for you ending comment about how his parents were healed & restored before passing. My parents just gave up on church shortly after our son was born & even thought they claim to be christian my son has only seen their life as hypocritical. My husband's parents sound like your in-laws when he was young. I think they are realizing the mistakes they made but they are not doing anything to be that genuine positive influence in our son. Our son is an adult & I think he is really struggling with christianity & God & right now is living more like the world. It breaks my heart to know I did not live it out for him in a genuine way & that I have received no help from either sets of grandparents. Nevertheless your comment was encouraging. It gets very discouraging seeing what is happening, or should I say what is not happening. But,I will not give up praying for our families or our son. I desperately want to see complete healing, and in some cases salvation, in our families.
Thank you for your devotionals.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My oldest daughter had the misfortune of marrying a man who had no sense of family values, or any values for that matter, other than money. He hadn't had the same privilege she'd had of being brought up in a close knit family environment. He had never been taught to make his own way in life or that it was his responsibility to see to the needs of his family. My daughter, being only 17 years old at the time, could only see this through maturity and hindsight. I prayed for many years that God would intervene somehow and bring order to the chaos that had become her life and her children's life. After seven years of hoping things would get better, my daughter finally accepted that they never would. She and her three beautiful children moved back home to live with her father and me until she could get on her feet. Although it was my daughter's responsiblity to provide spiritual guidance to her children, I agreed to assume the role until she was ready. So, I had the wonderful privilege of introducing my sweet grandchildren to Jesus. The children and I attended Sunday school and church every Sunday. I enrolled them in our Wednesday night AWANA program as soon as each was old enough, and prayed with them, and for them, daily. Every evening at bedtime, I'd gather the two oldest children together in their room and we'd sing songs like "O, Happy Day" or "I'll Fly Away" and then pray together. We all looked forward to that special time. The youngest one, now 5 years old, blessed my heart so as each night, when I lay down in bed with her, she would look at me with bright, twinkling eyes and say, "Grandma, tell me about Jesus." By this time her grandfather (my husband) had passed away. She loved to hear about Jesus in heaven (and her Grandpa too). I'd tell her about Jesus' coming back to get us and take us with him someday, and she would smile the sweetest smile and insist that I tell her again, and again. It was the same night after night. The oldest child accepted Christ when she was seven years old and the next oldest child, when she was eight. They all sing in the children's choir at church, and have even sang solos before our congregation. As sweet as they sound to me, I know their songs are even sweeter to the Lord. What a rich, rich blessing the Lord bestowed on me and these children when He brought us together. In His wisdom, He not only brought these young, tender,teachable ones to me, but He also brought one who cannot be won by words, but by observation alone. I believe with all my heart, that the Lord has successfully used my grandchildren and me to reach my daughter as well. Although she's yet to accept the Lord, I sense that her heart has been prepared for it. Isn't God good?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bgreen@insightbb.com My grandma on my dad's side was a believer. She welcomed me into her home everyday for lunch during the school year. She was a faithful hard worker in her home and always with her Bible out on the table (having been used until it was falling apart). She let me sit with her at church. I can hear her voice singing hymns to this day. She encouraged me in the simple things. She encouraged me to seek God as He is where my help comes from. She encouraged me to press on during mundane daily tasks as you never know who you may be encouraging in the process. I got two things when she passed away - a lovely pin she wore on her blouses and her Bible. I cherish her memories. I can't wait to see her in heaven.

Blogger The Brown's said...

Although I didn't know my grandparens as I grew up, my children do have wonderful examples of Godly Grandparents, which help me to pattern my life after.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have such wonderful memories of the grandmother I was so fortunate to know . She loved us unconditionally, and always made our time with her special. My father's mother died before I was born. I have heard little tidbits about her. She was a quiet, hardworking woman, the mother of eight children. I look forward to seeing them both in heaven!

Blogger Stone and Lily said...

My Grandma is 97 -- she'll be 98 this summer! She is a mother of 9! And she lives in PA. I have lived most of my life in NY. When we were young, we'd make about 6 trips a year to visit her. With 9 kids and a HUGE garden, my Grandma would spend far more time baking homemade breads, making homemade jellies and jams, and canning all the fruits and veggies from their garden -- rather than clean her house. Her dinners always included a 1-inch thick piece of her bread with peach jam... I can still taste it! And when we would leave to go home to NY, she would always go upstairs to her room, while we waited patiently (and excitedly!) downstairs for her to return -- with 'treasures' to give to us! Those treasures included small porcelain kittens and puppies, bunnies, birds, and other figurines -- one time she even gave us a horde of 'Cracker-Jack' treasures (there were so many! - from 9 kids!). One visit, when I was in high school, my Grandma shared with me, a dream she had -- she dreamt that she was Raptured! She described the feeling of being compressed into thin air, as she watched her clothes drop to the floor, and she, herself, was caught up into the air... it was so real to hear her describe this -- and I've never forgotten that. That was about 30 years ago, and at that time, she was very 'in-tune' with world events relating to the European Common Market. Her expectation of Jesus Christ's return planted a similar seed in me -- to "watch and keep my lamp burning!" (Matt. 25) Now when my family visits Grandma -- (me, hubby, and three kids - my college boy, and 2 teen girls), we often take her out to lunch. Conversation is more difficult, being that she can't hear very well, but if you can get her to start talking, she'll bring out her treasures: her wonderful insights into the Person and work of Jesus Christ! On one trip, about 2 or 3 years ago, we took her home after lunch and walked into her house -- filled with 'clutter items' here and there -- no place to sit down. She gave us a 'final word' -- since we were leaving to go back to NY, and wouldn't make another trip till spring, and she would never know if she'd be 'here on this earth' -- come spring. This time, she spoke to my kids, her great-grandkids -- and told them to WAIT for the Lord to bring their future spouse to them. She shared with them her pastor's story: how he had been praying for a wife, and kept hearing a name -- "Lee" -- and he told the Lord, that's a guy's name!!! But one day, he met a lovely lady on campus, and when he asked her name, she replied: "Lee"! As tears welled up in my eyes, I looked around her house - filled with clutter and not so cleaned up... and I knew what the TREASURE was: it was Grandma! The Words of life that poured out of her mouth, to share with her GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN -- my children! -- this was a godly woman! And I was hugely blessed!! Others might roll their eyes -- walking into her house -- but to those who have eyes to really 'see' -- she is the pearl of great price!
Betty ~

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My family has a long legacy of faith, though in this generation we were not always where we needed to be. When I was growing up my grandmother was a wonderfull blessing to me. She is very strong in her faith, selfless in her ways, always willing to do something for the lord everyday. She gives everything and prays daily. I told her once how blessed I was by her constant growth, through everything. I was seeing that sometimes people get stuck in one area or another, sometimes for a long time. Thinking back I don't ever remember her getting stuck. She was always so open to the spirit and ready to fix whatever needed fixing. She remains a spiritual anchor to me every day, reminding me to always look to the lord and give my all for him.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How Amazing was this Devotion today.
I read it in tears because I too experienced great unconditional love from my grandparents who have gone on to be with the Lord. I know that my grandfather's prayers are the reason I am a Christian today, because of his great faith. I was abused as a child physically & mentally because of bad choices from both parents and I escaped so many times by opening my Bible before I could read and looking at the photo of Jesus and praying for God to take me away. God had a different plan for me and had his hands on me as a child. My grandfather was such an inspiration to me and instilled in me so much compassion and love. He use to say "Everyone had some good in them no matter how bad they seemed on the outside." Now, because of that love, I was able to forgive those that hurt me and am able to share that love and compassion of God with my grandchildren. Thank you for your devotions each day. God Bless.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not having a close relationship with a grandparent I sorely desire to be a Godly grandmother for my grandchildren. Unfortunately, it is a long distance to be near my grandsons. However, in spite of that I do believe I have had some influence in my 13 year old step grandson's choice to follow Jesus. Whenever, I have visited them they always see me spending some quiet time with my Bible and he always asked lots of questions. When he and his brother, now 18, were younger we invited them to stay with us for a week. When Sunday rolled around my husband and I explained church is not on option when you visit this grandma and grandpa. We took them to church got them settled in for SS and assured them we would look for them afterwards so as to sit together for worship. This particular Sunday there was a baptism. Oh my, the questions the younger one asked about what that was all about. I knew then he had a thirst. Last year he started really pushing our daughter, his step mom, to go to church, he wanted to go to church. God worked thru this little boy, then 11, to get not only him to church but her as well and his new little baby brother included. Older brother was permitted to make his own decision and he has chosen to believe there is no god, but the good news is the other 3 have been going to church consistently for about 2 years. He is involved with the youth, going on a mission trip this summer, he and little brother are participating in Awana, thus also encouraging their uncle and cousin, our son and grandson, to become involved in the same church. The now 13 year old has accepted Christ. We never know what seeds we plant by being faithful to our quiet time and church attendance. I would like to one day be as courageous as Ceresa and move closer to these boys to be even more of an influence in their lives. I have not given up on the older one, I still pray for his salvation as well as his father who unfortunately has recently been incarcerated not only physically but now also spiritually. They are both heavy in our prayers and certainly our daughter and their family.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was not blessed with grandparents or parents who were believers or a positive influence in my life. My grandparents were, in fact, quite indifferent to their grandchildren. When I met Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior, I committed my life to being the kind of mother and grandmother that I never had. My grown daughters are now beautiful Christian ladies serving the Lord daily and I have 5 wonderful young grandchildren. I have dedicated my life to 'showing' them that they are unconditionally loved, of extreme value and have a grand purpose in the life the Lord has given them. I am determined that they will always know they are His and my 'precious treasures'.

Blogger godzgirl said...

I am a soon to be grandma for the first time. Reading this devotion reminds me of the choices that my husband and I have made to be the first generation to lead the way. Finding out that we were going to be grandparents was a shock to us. Our son and his girlfriend are only 16 years old. It has been a very hard road for me to walk, because it brings a lot of feelings to the surface from my own past. I know that God is faithful and He is using this new life to bring healing in many ways. I pray each day that He will show me how to do this new role of grandma. I am very proud of my son and his sweetheart for making the choice that they have. I believe that they will be married someday and that God will use this little girl to show them His love for them.

Blogger godzgirl said...

I just sent a comment but I think I forgot to add my name and email. I am the new grandma to be for the first time.

Blogger HeatherNoelle said...

"Grandma Ginger", as we call her, is 93 years old. She was a Vaudeville dancer and danced until a few years ago...now her walker is painted "racer red" and she motors faster than I can walk! After losing 2 children under 7 and her husband just months before their 50th wedding anniversary, Virginia (her real name) has always given glory to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am in a new and very difficult marriage and her Godly encouragement has saved me so many times. She witnesses Jesus to others in her retirement community and just "has a way" about her that is gracious and playful, yet completely a childlike faith. She is the BEST little girl...in laughter, love, trusting and faith. What a blessing she is to our family...and I see her affecting my husband for the Lord all the time. It's like she is the only one who can break through...truly powerful, yet that quiet strength we all strive to please God with...a Proverbs 31:29-30 and 1 Peter 3 woman!! I am currently scribing what she can remember from 1915 until now of her life and how God impacted it...the Grandmother's Bible would be such a blessing to us all. May God especially bless all the grandma's this week!!

Blogger birdpot said...

I have a letter from one of my grandaughters that I keep on my refrig to remind me that every day I am being looked at and how I am a model for them to see. She wrote"I am so luckey to have you.I love you and don't know what I would do without you. You are such a big influence on my life.. You rock the most." Those are some powerful words to see and remember that my life impacts not only her but so many others. My other granddaughter is in collage in Wilmington and a few months back she texted me to say she missed her family. I asked if she needed a visit and she texted back in captial letters YES. I had two beautiful days to see her, spoil her and show her how much she is loved. She is part of the next genertion and they will be the "adults" of this world very soon. I teach sunday school to 9 th grade girls each week and have already taught a group from 9th to graduation. I have also go on misson trips with them each summer.It is such a joy to be able to have the honor to show these young girls that they can have a personal realtionship with God and how much He loves and desires to be their best friend. I proudly wear the name Grannie and "mother" to anyone who wants to call me that. God has so richly blessed me and I thank Him for them all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandmother was a rock that never faultered. As I was raised in a large catolic family, I learned at home to live as I wanted and just go to confession and all is forgiven. My sweet adorable Grandma would always tell me God sees my heart. It took a long time for me to understand what she meant. God does see and hear my heart. He knew her sacrifice as she lived though an abusive relationship she was never willing to give up on. She showed what God's love could really do. She worked all of her life to provide for a family that was bearly holding together on a thread. As I was allowed, I would spend as many weekends as I could listening to her do a crossword or just sit on the floor and watch her crochet, sometimes it was just a cup of tea with sugar and milk and a TV show but Grandma alway took the time to make me feel special. With the birth of my daughter I saw another side of her love that was not yet revieled to me. She could love and give more and did. Everyday after work would stop at my home just to love on us. She wanted to make sure we knew we were a prioty to her. Thank goodness her job was in the town I had move into after marriage. Finding out as she agreed to retire that she had alzehiemer's and would not be with us long rocked my world. But Grandma would only say God knows your heart. As the disease took her ability to talk her eyes told the message. My daughter and I were the last ones she recognized before slipping away. I know that she is still telling me God knows your heart. I only long to serve as fully as she did. She truly served her family and others with a loving and compasionate heart. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA and will miss you until we are once again united in heaven.
It is my prayer to leave this love and knowledge with my children, grandchildren and all that I am blessed to be able to love on. I am doing so with a ministry for children who have lost. It is called Jerrid's Junction and will work rescuing children and horses. I only hope she can see her influence on these children as I share "God knows your heart" with all of them. Loving even when someone is not lovable is truly a gift to be shared.

May God Bless each who have shared a piece of themselves with us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My home, like the one described in the devotion today, was not Christ honoring. However, I have discovered in later years, hearing stories about my grandmother and even her mother, that perhaps there were prayers going up for me by this god fearing woman. Even my name, which my grandmother never spelled correctly, I think was one of her ways of telling me something she believed for my life. My parents chose and had placed on my birth certificate, my middle name as Kristine . . . my grandmother always insisted on spelling it as Christine.

Blogger Unknown said...

Growing up, my grandmother was the only source of unconditional love I received. While she lived halfway across the country, she was the best thing that happened to my sister and me. Grammie has long since passed on, but her legacy of quiet, Christian compassion laid the groundwork for my coming to Christ much later in life. My upbringing drove me from Christ, but I am so very grateful for one Godly grandparent who made all the the difference in my life - for eternity.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were blessed with our first grandchild last summer. My daughter and son-in-law are not walking with the Lord so I feel it is especially important to be involved in his life.  This was such an encouragement and helped me decide on a plan of action.  Today, I will start a journal for him just telling him what God is teaching me each day.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! 68 Comments...I'm really looking forward to reading each one! Thanks Glynnis for sharing abour Tod's grandparents. I too, was blessed to have a believing grandmother, tho' she lived clear across the country from us. She was so faithful in her prayers for our entire family's salvation. She never gave up until all 5 of us were saved. One other note which for me is of equal importance: we also had a cleaning lady who came twice a month, since I was 3 years old! She was a believer and she would sing gospel songs each time she came. She was filled with such love for us. She was like our local grandmother!! She too was so faithful in her prayers. She & my grandmother would correspond, we found out years later, about praying for all of us. Rebecca stayed on with us until we moved and I was 20 years old. After we moved, I accepted Jesus a year later and she was one of the first phone calls I made! She cried and kept saying "thank you Jesus".

It's wonderful to share this story with you! I love to reminisce about God's faithfulness. *.*

Blogger agape13c said...

What an awesome story. It brought back so many memories from my life.

Two grandmothers who were very different from each other but always women of God who had a huge impact on my life and helped tp bring me to the Lord in their own ways.

My mother, with the Lord since 2001. She always lived her faith and taught her five children and ten grandchildren to love the Lord and follow his commands.

My mother-in-law who is one of the sweetest women I have ever known. She is quiet and a believer. Now

I am mom to six grown children and have eight grandchildren ages two months to six years. I delight in taking them to church with me and we always are singing children's Christian songs. They all speak of Jesus as a friend. They are actively bringing their parents to the Lord. It does not always have to be adults who do the work of the Lord.

The amazing thing to me is how faithful our Father God is to all of us down to the last generation. Look how many generations in my family. I know it goes back even further because I have heard all the family stories over and over. When I have had times of worry over my adult children and their lack of faith at times I know I should have looked at all the generations of faith and remembered the Lord's promise to pass that faith on to each new generation.

If I were to win the Bible I know it would be a precious reminder to me and all my children and grandchildren of God's promises and we would treasure it into new generations.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, like Tod, had a conflicted homelife as a child. I now have four grandchildren, two of whom, lost their dad during Hurricane Katrina and two whose dad is a Marine and often deployed. My husband and I are trying to be examples by loving, praying and participating in their lives as much as we can. They add so much to our lives and teach us about faith and truth everytime we are with them.

Blogger Unknown said...

My grandmother, who was full of faith, lived 1,000 miles away from me. Her son, my father, believes that he will get to heaven because he is a "good" person. Just one month before my grandmother passed away on December 23, 2001, we talked about our faith during a Thanksgiving visit I made to see family. She knew that as an adult, I had begun attending church, but she did not know about the love relationship I had with my Savior. After her death, my aunt told me just how much our talk meant to my grandmother. At last, she knew that I was a Christian and that she would see me in heaven. How special it is to know just how much our conversation meant to her just days before her passing. I miss her so much.

Prayers and Blessings!

Blogger Unknown said...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

My maternal grandfather died when I was only one year old, and my grandmother lived with us for several years after that and then built a little house next to ours on a small farm in the panhandle of Texas. Her strong faith and the lessons she taught me had a huge impact on my life, and when I decided to join a church as an adult, her example led me to join one of her denomination (Methodist). I am so grateful for her love and guidance. She died when I was 14 and I still cry today (at age 69) when I hear the songs "Rock of Ages" and "Farther Along" because I hear her singing them as she went about her daily chores. Her example set one for me in guiding my grandchildren and I am blessed to say that all 7 of my teenage grandchildren are Christians who practice their faith. Three of them have been on several mission trips and all of them serve the Lord with joy.

Blogger Renee said...

I just recently lost my grandmother. I do not feel sadness when I think of her, there is a joy I feel everytime I think of her that brings a smile to my heart. She was a true blessing to not only me but to our entire family. She taught us many lessons just by watching her life. She was the most patient and gentle soul I knew. There was always love and laughter to go around. I pray that I will be the type of grandmother to my grandchildren she was to me. I am fortunate to live right next door to my 2 beautiful grandchildren and am blessed everyday to be a part of their lives.
Thank you for the devotion on "A Grandparent's Faith", it has uplifted my soul this morning. And encouraged me to continue to share my faith with actions as well as with words not only to my children but also to my grandchildren.

Blogger Unknown said...

As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I give thanks that God gave the opportunity to be a granparent! I grew up in foster homes and never knew my grandparents or even parents for that matter. Which meant my daughter did not either. Her father left us before she was born. She used to ask me about her grandma and would make up stories about her. This would of course cause me to weep buckets! I prayed that God would make me different than my family! He has blessed me by not only giving me children but also grandbabies! I thank him everyday for this honor!

Blogger Marsha said...

It was my maternal grandmother and great grandmother had had tremendous influence in my life, showing me love and stability. My great grandmother prayed for 6 generations of heirs. She was bedridden for years and she used that time to pray for generations yet to be born. I wasn't a Christan at the time and I thought her prayers shear foolishness. Today, my grandchildren are reaping the benefits of her faith filled prayers.

I learned the importance of praying from her. Today, because of her influence, I pray Scripture for each of my loved ones. I've claimed a scripture for each one and pray that as well. I've even researched the meanings of their names and pray for those characterists to be evident in their lives.

Thank you for this encouraging post.

Blogger Nina said...

thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts about my grandchildren.

I never knew my grandparents as they were deseased when I was born. I have often wished I could have known them, but I know they were wonderful parents because of the parents God allowed me to have.

God has blessed my husband and I with eight wonderful grandchildren. We presently have four boys and four girls with another little girl(we think) on the way. She is due 8/8/08, and I think we can remember that date as it has kind of become our "pass word" because everyone in our family is so excited. Each of our grandchildren is a special gift from God, but Number 8 and Number 9 are adopted. What a priviledge and a responsibility to pray for them, and also to love them and influence their lives by sharing Christ with each of them and living in front of them in such a way that they will know Jesus Christ is the answer to their life as well.

I read Proverbs 31 devotional every day.

Thanks again for this oportunity to think about my blessings and thank God for each of these precious ones. Whether I get the "Grandmother's Bible" or not your ministry is a blessing to me. Love and Prayers,
Nina, parkshb@bellsouth.net

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise God for a Godly heritage! May it continue through our children, both from our Grandparents example as well as parental examples.


Blogger LisaCaryl said...

I lived next door to my grandparents. Since it was just my mother and I, my grandfather took on the role of father and grandfather. We walked to church every Sunday. Seeing him on his knees, beside his bed, has had a major impact on me and my faith. Both of them have gone to be with the Lord, but they are with me always.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't grow up in the same state as my own grandparents, and we didn't keep in contact much. What I learned about how a grandparent should be came from my husband's grandma, Grandma Jo. She is the sweetest, kindest, friendliest lady you could meet. She is always doing little things for us and for her great grandchildren, like sewing little panties for the barbies, making beautiful crystal bracelets for me and for the girls, bringing oranges to us from her orange trees, inviting us to the POW picnics and Christmas parties that she and grandpa attend, sewing appliques and glueing rhinestones to the girls' clothes, etc. I especially appreciate that she comes over often to visit us and babysits now and then. She always has encouragement and kind words. She always comes to birthday gatherings and other events. I learned the meaning of warmth and kindness from her first-hand. Now I know what a grandmother should be like. I went through a dark time with my husband for years and even contemplated divorce. The thought that I would also be separating myself from his mother and grandma Jo was one of the things that made me decide against it. (Of course, God's Word and prayer also influenced me to decide to stick it out.) She was there at the hospital when my babies were born and has always been a prominent figure in their lives ever since. I am grateful for Grandma Jo.

Blogger Unknown said...

Glynnis--Thanks for your story today. What a blessed reminder of how our lives can be impacted through what seem at the time like "small" ways.
When I finally decided it was time to meet my birth mother, it was my grandmother's house I went to right after. I say right after, but it was after hydroplaning off the highway and meeting wonderful travelers to help me tow my car in the middle of the night so I could finally arrive at her house at 4 in the morning. I had no idea what that visit would bring, but I knew what strength my grandmother had in God and that whatever I needed, she would be able to provide--and she did.
Now my mother is a grandmother who shares her love of God with my son each week. Each time we visit I can see the joy and excitement in his eyes that I had when visiting my grandmother.
God bless grandmothers everywhere!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my... i can not belive the message for today. Last night my grandpa(pawpaw) passed away at about 1:30am. He was the head of our family, the leader, the funny one,the one always outside in his flowers. When i read the encouragement for today, it stopped me in my tracks. I had already been pondering on the life he lived reliving memories and such, and i just couldnt believe how God put this here, today, just for me. Thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

God blessed me with a beautiful grandson who is now 6 years old. The best thing is He sent Dylan to me ON MY BIRTHDAY! What a glorious gift from my Heavenly "Daddy"!

He then gave me the honor and privilege of keeping Dylan for the first 8 months of his life. During that time, I fell head over heels in love with my grandson. I also realized just how important it was going to be for ME to give Dylan a good, strong Biblical and Christian background.

Since Dylan's mom and dad are divorced, we see him every other weekend and once during the week. We along with his daddy make sure he is in church on those weekends. We talk to him about how precious and special he is...that God ONLY made one of him....that there isn't another person anywhere that is just like him. And we share with him just how much God loves him.

I know our efforts are not in vain. Dylan asks when are we going to church and says he LOVES church. That is music to this MiMa's ears! I know God has given us a very important task...the task of sharing HIM with Dylan. And as long as we are on this earth, that is exactly what we are going to do.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My request is for my mother who is grandmother to 4 (14yrs to 4yrs). I believe she is such a great example of we refer to being "the hands and feet of Jesus". She has such a love for God and it shows in her love and kindness not only to her grandchildren but everyone around her. She has taken in dozens of people over the years who needed a little help or a lot of help, and with each of them shared the love of Jesus. Watching her has made such a difference in my life and I can see in my children, as they have watched their grandmother demonstrate Jesus' love, that they also are coming to have a heart for those less fortunate. She has always been my angel!

Her name is JoAnn Curtin (no email)

Tracy Preston

Blogger g-mom said...

I am a grandmother raising my granddaughter. I recieved her at age 10 and she is now 15 1/2 and I am 57. She was abandoned by her mom, my daughter, who has turned to crack and heroin.Everyday we share God moments together and talk deep about this world's condition.I tell her each morning has she leaves the car to go to school, "Remember you are a daughter of the King, a royal Princess...act like it. I will try myself! In the evening we go over our days and try and discover if we glorified our Father the King and what we can do better tomorrow. I praise God He is giving me the opportunity to raise my granddaughter under His protected wing. She is a joy and blesses my life daily. God did a mighty miracle in her heart to keep her a loving, caring and generous young lady!
One blessed Grandmother

Blogger Barb said...

My Grandmother was probably my greatest living example of Jesus Christ on this earth. She was a gentle woman who served the Lord faithfully. As a pastor's wife her home was always open to those in need and to the hurting. She had a large home that she opened up to others and at any given time had more than one other family living with them. She faithfully worked with the VFW and supported several child through World Vision. In fact because of that faithful support, several of those children came to know and love Jesus as their savior. One of the boys became a pastor in South Korea.

But for me my grandmother was a constant joy. She challenged me in my relationship with the Lord, challenged us a children to memorize scripture and modeled kindness in every aspect of our lives. The summers I spent with my grandmother are some of my fondest memories as a child. She was truly an amazing woman of God and I am blessed that God chose to share her with me.

Now that I am a grandmother I am trying using her life as an example for how I live my life and interact with my grandchildren.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my email address for a chance to win the bible for grandmothers. It sounds wonderful and a great tool to help me be the grandmother I am determined to be for my grandchildren.

Blogger Jazmyn said...

My grandmother died over 10 years ago, but sometimes in my mind I can see her clearly; she had a beautifully warm smile. And each time I see her, she's always reading and studying her Bible just as she was when she was alive. She always looked so at peace with her well-worn Bible draped comfortable across her lap. I'm almost 50 years old, and I've been reading and studying my Bible fathfully for some time now, which makes me wonder how my grandmother read and studied so fathfully with her limited reading skills. God is truly good, and always in control.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not know my Mamaw Eva well as she passed away when I was a small child. But the one memory I do have is that she "rescued" me from a spaking! What I have learned of her since then has inspired me to be a woman who endeavors to touch the lives of others. My father's family was poor - very poor and their family was large but my Mamaw, I am told was always kind to even the "hoboes" who stopped by her back door. She didn't have much but she shared what she had. According to my Daddy, as hard as my Mamaw's life was, she loved Jesus, she always had a second chance for everyone and when she died her funeral procession was 12 miles long. That is the legacy of love I want to leave behind. I Pray that all I do glorifies God in the way my Mamaw's life did.
Andrea Austin

Blogger Debbie said...

This devotion hit home. I was blessed with grandparents who lived their faith in front of me. My children have been blessed by grandparents who carried on that legacy. And I was once the parent making the wrong choices while my kids clung to the steady, unwavering faith and love of their grandparents.
One thing I know beyond doubt. God is merciful and we never forget the Godly examples in our lives. Those examples and the prayers behind them brought me back to God, and it wasn't just me. The prayers my parents pray and the lives they continue to live in front of their children and grandchildren have brought more than one wayward child and grandchild back to the Cross.
Now, I am about to become a grandmother for the first time and I vow to be that same Godly example to my grandchild. I am excited at the possibility of teaching her (or him) about God and His amazing love, not only through words, but through living a life of faith in front of them.
I know from experience that it's the most valuable legacy we can leave our grandchildren.
My grandparents are gone now and my parents are advancing in years. But their legacy of faith will not die because they taught us well how to carry on the faith! Praise God!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandma was a wonderful woman. She lived a wonderful life. People actually referred to her as a Proverbs 31 woman. She visited jails. She would sometimes take kids in and help them out. In 2003 she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Over the next two years her body slowly started to deteriate. But even when she was in a lot of pain she would pray and smile. God blessed her by giving her more time with her family. An extra five months almost. Doctors couldn't figure out why she was still alive talking and smiling and eating doughnuts and drinking milk shakes. I remember one night she wasn't feeling good and was having a rough day. We all gathered in the living room and prayed. Even as she was dying she showed me that no matter what she was happy with what God has blessed her with. She taught me the real meaning of the word legacy. She passed away September 9,2005. At her funeral she wanted the Gospel shared and through that one person was saved.

Blogger Unknown said...

A Grandmother's Legacy.....My grandparents are no longer living and I am now a grandparent myself. The legacy though continues because of the blessing I received through my grandmother.... a woman of great faith. Although I did not live near my grandmother, distance never was a reason for us to be apart and the great influence she had on my life. My grandmother lived a very difficult life but you would have never known it. She always found time and a way to communicate over the long distance between us. She had very little money but her gifts were priceless. She would send me her well-worn devotionals, bibles and literature...all especially specific to me as a granddaughter. To this day at the age of 58 I still have these special gifts. She left a legacy of what a grandmother should be.... great devotion to God in times of difficulty and in good times, making each of her eighteen grandchildren feel they were the most special one, an attitude of unconditional love, gratitude, encouragement, faith and prayer. I still remember, as she lay very ill in the hospital in her last days, she had the sweetest look as I cried knowing our time together was limited. She looked up at me and said, please don't cry...be so happy for me for I am going home to be with my savior. This was one of the most important moments in my life. I want to be to my grandchildren this kind of woman of faith and leave them with this same confidence and love that my grandmother left me. Deborah

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Grandmother's Legacy.....My grandparents are no longer living and I am now a grandparent myself. The legacy though continues because of the blessing I received through my grandmother.... a woman of great faith. Although I did not live near my grandmother, distance never was a reason for us to be apart and the great influence she had on my life. My grandmother lived a very difficult life but you would have never known it. She always found time and a way to communicate over the long distance between us. She had very little money but her gifts were priceless. She would send me her well-worn devotionals, bibles and literature...all especially specific to me as a granddaughter. To this day at the age of 58 I still have these special gifts. She left a legacy of what a grandmother should be.... great devotion to God in times of difficulty and in good times, making each of her eighteen grandchildren feel they were the most special one, an attitude of unconditional love, gratitude, encouragement, faith and prayer. I still remember, as she lay very ill in the hospital in her last days, she had the sweetest look as I cried knowing our time together was limited. She looked up at me and said, please don't cry...be so happy for me for I am going home to be with my savior. This was one of the most important moments in my life. I want to be to my grandchildren this kind of woman of faith and leave them with this same confidence and love that my grandmother left me. Deborah dhoofman@sbcglobal.net

Blogger GrammaGrits said...

Having older grandparents and not knowing them well, I was blessed to have a Godly father who led both his dad and his father-in-law to the Lord. I pray for my grandchildren and their parents and desire they walk faithful all of their lives. My children and grands are blessed to have grandparents who pray for them fervently. Where would we be without the prayers of others?

Blogger Connie said...

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Blogger Connie said...

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Blogger Connie said...

my grandma neva lived in CA and came to visit on various occasions. She would sleep in my room in a roll-away bed and when she would leave I would sleep in her bed so I could feel close to her through her scent. We as women all have a certain scent that makes us who we are. She would always tell me I was special and EVERY birthday card I got would say that on the card, but along with that she said I was special because I was a child of God. She went to be with the Lord 10 years ago but her stamp on my life has never gone away. This id the first time ever used a blog. hopefully I will get better:)

Blogger Amanda said...

I am sad to say that I didn't have the privilage to grow up in a Christian home. But the Lord was very merciful when He saved me at the age of 19. In the Bible it tells the older women to teach the younger women. I didn't have that until I married my husband. It was such a thrill to me to not only get a husband but TWO grandmas. I learned a lot from their examples of faith and their teaching. I was so blessed to have 7 years under their care before they both passed away last year. I thank the Lord often for the lessons He taught me through them. And I am so blessed to KNOW that I will see them again someday in Glory.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been blessed to have grown up with Godly influences of my parents and grandparents. my grandma passed away recently, but she has left a legacy that continue to be left behind in the lives of those who loved her which were and are many. at the age of 91, she passed away after living a life of service to God. her and my grandfather were missionaries to africa for years. they made many painful sacrifices but did as God had called them. after coming off the mission field, my grandpa passed away, but that didn't stop grandma from serving. up until the end of her life she was ministering to others in any way she could. my grandma's second great love, after her love for the Lord, was for her family. she prayed for each of us daily and wrote us personalized poems for all occasions. we all relied on her and knew that when she said she had prayed for us, she really had. i have sooo many wonderful memories of her. she was truly a beautiful Godly woman who will never be forgotten, and will always be cherished.

Blogger Cindy said...

What a lovely devotion about the impact Tod's grandparents had on his life. I would love to give my mom the Grandmother's Bible. . .between me and my siblings, my mom is a grandma to 13 grandchildren and she continues to work in her church preschool program, impacting those little ones everyday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandmother was a faithful christian and when I would stay the night with her, we would sing hymns and read the Bible together.She was a big influence on me and taught me to pray. I became a christian at 9 yrs. old and I now am raising my 8 yr old grandson and trying to be the same type of example that she was. It's the hardest and most fulfilling job I've ever taken on and with God's help I will be successful, too. Your devotionals are a wonderful blessing to me and keep me grounded daily.

Blogger Unknown said...

My husbands grandparents lived a strong christian faith their entire lives. They were the grandparent all kids wanted to have. Fishing, boating, gardening, hunting. All saturday activites that especially small boys love. They never had grand girls, only 7 grandsons from their 2 daughters. Simple lives of devotion to the Lord and to their church family. Both girls married young and took on lives that included children within the following year. 5 of the boys would be raised in California and away from the wonderful grandparents that my husband knew.
The other 2 boys would live in the same town till they were in Jr High then move 500 miles south to the valley of Texas.
My husband loved his grandparents and their faith in action. When we met, he took me home to meet them before I ever met his parents. We later moved to within 30 miles of them to raise our family and during that time we lived close enough at one time to attend sunday and wednesday church with them. Besides the meals that included, it was the wonderful family fellowship we enjoyed.
My in-laws are not the christians that my husband learned his faith and love from, even if they think they are good people. His grandparents helped him form his faith and later to live it out.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't realize until after I had my own children just how blessed I was to have two sets of grandparents who loved the Lord and who were devoted to him. My paternal grandparents set for us an amazing example with their prayer life and unwavering faith. They were very poor and lived their entire lives in the tiny farmhouse my grandfather grew up in. They had 12 children and they kept a large room with several beds open for the homeless that would come through their town. My father would tell me that while he was growing up there were always at least two others joining them at their dinner table. It became known that if there was someone in need they should go to "la domaine" to get food and shelter. My grandparents did this until they got on in age. After my dad died, when I was just 14 I went to spend a few days with them. Every day they would pray for an hour or more, read their bible and talk to me about heaven. Their faith was quiet but strong and present in the many lives they touched. I went to college just a short drive away from both my grandmothers and I loved spending time with them - where the conversation always centered around Jesus. I was in the hospital with my grandmother when she passed away and I could only imagine that sweet reunion...just a few days ago I came across Christmas cards my grandmother sent me regularly after my father died. In every single one she wrote "until we meet again in the beautiful paradise that is heaven". My mother also grew up in a poor family and although my grandparents struggled just to put food on the table my grandmother would regularly sew slippers and other articles of clothing to distribute to those less fortunate. I thank the Lord regularly for their examples and I can see now that that faith was passed down to my mom and myself. I am so grateful that my sons will hear of our amazing Lord not only from me and their dad but from their faithful grandmother as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sister and I were raised by our grandparents and our grandmother was very influential in our lives. Because of her and her devotion to Jesus Christ, she kept us in church whether or not we wanted to go. My sister and I laugh about it now but it is what keeps our faith strong. Our grandmother has Alzheimer now, but the young, vibrant, Christ loving woman she was is who is will always be to us.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My great-grandparents were awesome. They lived on the family dairy farm and we visited them each Saturday. Grandma was a member of the United Methodist Women's Club and I sat beside her in church each Sunday. I loved hearing her sing songs of faith while we shared a hymnal. I liked listening to their stories from long ago, and it was great to see them interact. They never agreed on dates or tiny details, but were always loving and patient with each other. Even in the midst of a 'heated' debate, their eyes sparkled with love. I have quite a temper at times, and when interacting with my husband and my children, I often think of Grandma and how patiently she spoke to Papa and how he always made people feel special, and I know that I want to be that kind of woman. God has lots of work to do with me still, but I'm trying hard to do as He asks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...what a response!!!

Grandparents are the best, and while I didn't know mine well, I see their effecting power by watching the relationship my parents share with my children. When I was a single mom, I lived across the street from my parents. For three years, my parents loved and cared for my young sons and helped me to raise them into fine young Christian men.

Praise God for the effecting work of generation upon generation. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandmother was such an inspiritation in my life...She and my grandfather took me to church every sunday...would even come and pick me up and feed me breakfast at their house before. I was the 1st grandchild and they both made me feel as if I were their own child. At age 12 when my parents divorced they were the stable force in my life. I gave my heart to the Lord during sunday school at their church when I was 11 and what a blessing it was for me to go back home and go to church on Mother's day 4 yrs ago and go up in front of the church and say thank you to all in that church who'd nurtured me along the way. Then to my surprise...my mother who'd not attended church regularly nor had lived a christian life...came up and rededicated her life. She was the only child my grandmother had that wasn't living a christian life and what a blessing it was for us all. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away a year ago this month...although we miss her tremendously...her influence lives on in all of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I read this today, I knew I had to write you. First of all, my mother's name is Lois. Because of her: me, my sister, and both of our husbands are now Christians. We are preparing the next generation by sending our children to the same non-denominational Christian school in Milwaukee. My mom just got baptized at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI this past weekend. Her testimony was that although she has been a Christain for years, she never felt "good enough". God finally made this humble woman realize that she will never be "good enough", because it is Jesus who is! What a blessing for all of us to watch her being baptized.

Praise God for all the "Lois'" in our lives. My life, my children's lives, and God only knows how many others, will never be the same because of their grandmother Lois Gaulin.

Holly Wieneke

Blogger From the Heart said...

I can't say that my grandparents had an impact on my life. However, my mother's grandmother wrote a poem to the children of my grandmother on my mother's side which has been passed down through the years. I just posted it on my blog if anyone would like to read it. I was probably less than a year old when she died but that poem made an impression on a lot of us.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My parents are both first generation Christians who have raised five children. As a result of their clear testimony and love for God, each of us (the five children) have given our hearts and lives to Jesus also ... following in their steps. We are now adults with families of our own, again raising our children in the steps of Jesus (they are now proud grandparents of 14 grandchildren and 3 step-grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild). I have learned from their example that the best thing I can do for my children and grandchildren is to pray for them and live my life right in front of them ... consistently.

Patti Stuart (prstuart@msn.com)

Blogger Sarah K said...

Both of my grandmothers died when my parents were very young. My mother's father died when I was in middle school and my father's dad is still living but is not a christian. When my mother's mom died my mom's grandmother took in my mom and her seven siblings. My mom's granny and grampy were already retired but couldn't bear the thought of their grandchildren being split up so they went back to work and took in all eight kids. Times were rough but they made and instilled in my mom and her siblings a strong faith in Jesus. A couple weeks before my granny died she would ask family members to sing to her the wonderful hymn "When We All Get to Heaven." My granny died in 2004 and as she was taking her last breath she told her daughter Bonnie that she could hear the bells in heaven and see her daddy reaching out his hand. I am so thankful that she raised my mother in a christian home. Because of her teachings my parents did the same for myself and my two siblings. I pray everyday that I am able to do the same for my son.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am writing this on behalf of my children in honor of my mom. My stepfather went into the hospital 4 weeks ago for hernia surgery and had complications the next day that put him into a persistant vegetative state that the doctors have said that he will not come out of. I have seen my mother struggle the past few weeks with her faith, asking why God would do this to them. She has decided to take my stepfather off of life support after lots of prayer and counselling with our pastor. Although this has been the worst time of her life, I am so proud of my mom with how she has had a God given faith and peace that, even though we don't know why this has happened, that God knows and will use it for great things in the future. She is such a great role model of faith for both me and my children, that, even though we dont know why this happened, she still totally and completely trusts in God's word.

Blogger Unknown said...

My "Nana" was a tiny woman in stature, at 4'11", but a giant of a woman in her faith. She was raised in boarding schools, and married to an alcoholic, yet managed to love others unconditionally and maintain a never wavering devotion to the Lord through many difficulties in life. She had 6 boys, one of which passed away at 19 months, and the last of which was born with hydrocephalus. Her love and care for him in his 21 years of life, much of the time bedridden, inspired me so much that I majored in Special Education. She lived with my family at two critical times in my life...middle and high school. I remember waking up to her reading her bible in the rocking chair, and going to sleep seeing her on her knees praying, even when she was well into her 80's. She clung to the fact that her Lord would never give her more than she could handle, and her favorite Psalm in addition to the 23rd, was 121. The joy of the Lord was her strength. Imogene Tintsman Stout was a godly grandmother and woman of great faith.

Blogger Amy said...

my sweet grandma is my hero. she's a small lady but has a huge heart for the Lord. i remember as a child hearing her share the love of Christ with everyone she came in contact with-waitresses, cashiers, telemarketers, neighbors, etc-and to this day she continues to do so. she always gives glory to God for everything, be it good or bad. she has been such an example to me of how to be graceful under pressure and exude the radiance of Jesus's love even when circumstances are not what you would hope for. i am blessed to have had her in my life and i thank the Lord for her!!

Blogger jedge0215 said...

My Mother is now a Grandmother of 3 with the 4th to arrive in August! She is a great grandmother, especially to my nephew. He has the exact life that Todd lived! After a terrible custody battle that pulled him out of one bad situation, he is now in another with his father and step-mother. My Mom and Dad practically raised this child from age 2-5 and he misses them DEARLY--but mostly he miss "Grandma"! His current home situation is terrible, but my Mom and Dad try their best to be there for him whether on the phone or in person. I pray that their example of a Christlike life AND love will lead both my Nephew and his new sister (bless her heart) to a TRUE AND REWARDING faith in Christ like my parents have!

Blogger MamaJ said...

I thank God so often for my four grandparents who lived a Christian walk for all of us to see. I now find myself in the role of grandmother/mother as my husband and I have been raising 4 of our grandchildren for the past 9 years. I am raising them to each have a personal relationship with God & although I am less than perfect I pray that I am able to reflect the love of God to them daily.

Blogger Kricketty said...

My grandparents taught me about lasting love. They told each other "I love you" every single day and taught me not to take a loved one for granted. They laughed and danced and cryed with us and helped us face the challenges of growing up. They loved me unconditionally.

Blogger paween said...

I am a grandmother that helped my single daughter raise her 3 children. My grandson which is her oldest called me last Sunday night to tell me that he surrendered to the ministry Sunday night. He told me that I had a lot to do with this act of faith. He said even as a young child he knew I had a rough life to live and had a lot of hardships, even though I tried not to let the children see. But yet he said he used to hear me pray and thank God for all the blessings he gave me and thank Him for using me. He told me lot if things that I didn't even know he was aware of but it was a witness to him of what God is. Praise God for all He has done in my life and my grandchildrens. I was so happy all I could do is cry.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mother is a grandmother to my children. I was once a drug addict and a "lost cause" to many people. My mother stuck with me and invited me to live in her home. I moved out of her home and into a home of an abusive drug addicted man. She came to me and told me that God told her to take me to court for my child. I was pregnant with another child at the time, and I made the decision after being trapped in this relationship for a while, to give my children up to her for a temporary timeframe. She showed me God's love by sacrificing everything that she had going to take in my children while not knowing what exactly I was going to do at this moment. It changed my life. I started reading my bible, put the man that was abusive in jail, got sober off the hardest drug, met my husband, moved to Texas for ministry training, then now I am back living with my mother gaining my children back and gaining a ministry license and I only have the desire to serve God and take care of my family. I truly love the Lord and I owe that all to my mother's example. She is the greatest blessing that God has ever given me. Thank you for listening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband's mother is a widow and she lives right next door to us. My kids witnessed her selflessly take care of a sick husband for 5 years, courageously release him to the Lord after 50 years of marriage and now walk out a new phase of her life - widowhood. She is a wonderful, spunky, GODLY, grandmother to my two kids. We are blessed to have her near!

Carrie Kittinger

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the greatest grandparents ever!! My grandfather, a retired minister, passed away a year ago. He had alzheimer's, and my grandmother devoted herself to him. He has said for years he hoped the last words she ever heard him say would be "I love you." At the ecd, his final words to her were,"Come her and kiss me. You are so beautiful." He kissed her, closed his eyes, and passed peacefully. Both of them have always been models of love and companionship at its best. I'm 40, and I've never heard them raise their voices in anger. They did get angry, but the anger never controlled them. They truly have God in the middle of their lives and in the middle of their marriage. What a legacy!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a many "great"s grandfather named William Foster who lived in England during the 1700s. He raised 11 children alone after his wife died at the birth of the last child. In his obituary, it tells of his help in establishing the Wesleyan Society in his town and of his concern for the salvation of his children and of everyone he met. In his obituary it says that on his death bed he spoke earnestly to every visitor making sure they knew his LORD and Savior. I wish I had known him...but I know he left a spiritual legacy to his children and grandchildren and with his strong faith in God I am sure that he had to have prayed for me, one of his future grandchildren.
As a grandparent myself, I also am trying to leave a spiritual legacy for my grandchildren. I talk with them often about my faith in God, God's truths and precepts, read to them from the Bible, and pray with them and for them. I also pray for my future grandchildren and their salvation as I'm sure my g-g-g-g grandfather also did for me.

Blogger Gerry said...

Thank you for a great post. My memories of my nana are filled with both great love and great regret. My dad was called to the Mediterranean Sea with the Navy during WWII when I was 4 years old. My mom and I lived with my grandparents for a year while he was away. I remember back rubs, cinnamon rolls, laundry in the bath tub, and a Singer treadle sewing machine that was often whirring away. When my dad returned we bought a house not far from my grandparents and I spent many a happy hour with them. However, just before Thanksgiving the year I was 10, my nana was suddenly taken to the hospital. Rules during that time did not allow me to visit her in the hospital. Three weeks later, Nana died from an acute case of leukemia. I was devastated because Nana was truly a person who loved me unconditionally. Everything I did was just right. I missed her so even though I knew she had joined Jesus for Christmas that year. Now I am a grandmother and my grandgirlies call me "Nana." That one word evokes such fond memories of love -- I wear the name with great honor.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a gift to read today's devotional, "A Grandparent's Faith". It was 13 years ago today that my Grandpa went to be with the Lord. He was 95 years old and an excellent example of a grandparent's faith. It gave me the opportunity to walk down memory lane and recall the lessons that he and my Grandma had taught me along the way. For instance, I always enjoyed tithing since each Sunday morning I got to wrap up my coins in a hanky, tie a knot, and eagerly unwrap it as the collection plate came my way. Today, I carefully turned the pages of the special keepsake book "Stories from Bible Lands" that was given to my grandpa by his grandmother in 1907 and now it will be a part of my son's personal library. I am not a grandmother yet, but I have already purchased the Grandmother's Bible to give to my dear friend for her birthday next week. She is the first grandmother of our group and we have been friends for over 30 years. She is also my hairdresser and she was the matchmaker of my 30 year marriage to my high school sweetheart! She will love the Bible to share with her grandson and I can't wait to give it to her! Thanks for the God wink:) lgriff59@hotmail.com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandmother's faith was great. She is a prayer warrior, my mother is one too and I am learning on how to get on my knees often as well. She has passed her unwavering faith down to me and I am hoping to pass the same down to my sons. I am teaching them at a young age, the power of prayer. The awesomeness of GOD's love and how to praise and worship HIM as my mother and grandmother demonstrated to me without even knowing. GOD is GOOD!
LaTonya: shantrel76@msn.com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We greatly enjoy our grandchildren. They get little religious training at home. They come to grandmas and grandpas to go to VBS and Bible Class as often as they can.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never knew my gandparents on either side so I didn't really know that example. I have become a grandmother much sooner than I had planned. My daughter was raped after graduating from high school and became pregnant as a result. She lived with us during her pregnancy and I was her birth coach. Needless to say, her son will always have a special place in my heart. I hope that I can be a strong example and demonstrate a deep faith walk to him and now his new little brother who was just born to my daughter and her husband. I pray we can show him forgiveness to his birth father when he is old enough to understand the circumstances of his birth. God has held us up during the past 2 years and I know He will continue to do so in the years ahead.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mother is a true inspiration not only to me but to all that meet her. Though I never could have children of my own , I have watched her with my sister's children and I think of how blessed I am to know, that if I had been able to have a child what special memories they would have witnessed.
I think of all the golden nuggets of wisdom that she has spoken and shown in her daily walk with the Lord and just by her example others are lead towards a personal relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
For example, I was taking a state board for my nursing license last year and a dear friend of the family was critically ill with heart failure. I told God I really need you today but I want you to be with Tom instead. When I spoke with my mother later and told her that I asked God to be with Tom instead of me today she said" Bonnie, don't you think that God is big enough to be with you both!"
She was right!
How greatly blessed are we in this world if we have grandparents and parents who love us and show us the way to go.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very concerned grandmother said..
My Son and his Partner of 10 years are each having a biological child with the same egg donor and a third person who is caring the baby. They already have a 3 year old son and now my Son is in the process of having his child, which is twins. This is all totaly against God's word and our beliefs. I don't know why God allowed this to happen but I am praying that God will use me to teach the word to my grandchildren and that's why I would feel so Blessed with the Grandmother's Bible. Darlene dharris@nefcom.net

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thankful for a grandmother who took me to church. I was six years old when I first heard Jesus name.The children on the playground were shocked that I didn't know who Jesus was.
I am sixty years old and I remember this as if it happened yesterday. I remember standing on that playground wanting to know the man who loved everyone. It wasn't long before my grandfather lost his job and they came to live with my parents and seek work. That summer I was enrolled in Vacation Bible School. Three years later my dad became a Christian and our family served God building a church in the poorest part of town.

I have five grandchildren. I pray and work to pass on the faith to them. My son's daughter was being raised by his ex-wife who was an atheist. I kept being kind to her and loving her and praying for her. The best Christmas gift this year was when she brought my grand-daughter to my house and she presented me with a drawing of baby Jesus in the manger and told me the whole story!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That word itself brings back many wonderful memories of my grandma - Grandma Love.
Yes, that was her name given to her when she was a little girl.
And in that name itself says everything about the person she was throughout her life.
She was a wonderful Christian example.
Truly full of endless love, kindness and had the sweetest spirit.
Being around her made me feel like a better person.
Little did I know it at the time, but she was modeling to me what a wife and mother is all about.
I guess you could say she was a Proverbs 31 kind of gal.
Thanks for letting me share some thoughts of my Grandma Love. She may not be with me now, but her spirit will forever be.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Grandma King never attended a "faith" church, but she took the Word as it was and believed it. She was a godly woman who I admired greatly. I remember playing games, eating wonderful meals, laughing and even working hard at my Grandparents home. But I enjoyed every single moment.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am raising my 3 grandsons and hope to make a differance in there lives. i keep them in church and in christian sports. both there mom and dad are drug users.iv had them for seven years now,and i wouldnt have it any other way .

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I saw this come across my email this morning, I could not open it quick enough. The words "Grandparents Faith" glared off the screen. February 8, 2008 my beloved Grandmother Suzanne went to be with our Lord after suffering with Alzheimers. Although my last visit with her was painful without her recognition of me it was evident that the one and only one thing that we still had in common was our love for Jesus Christ and the faith we held in our God. My final touch of her hand was last July under the dessert stars in CA. We were admiring God's work-the sky was pitch black and the stars were gleaming. I knew then that not only would that be my final moment with her but that it was truely a gift from God. Not only the gift of my Grandmother but that she instilled in me the most important and valued faith that God will protect me from the pain I would indure without her. Her strength with Lord presence and her grace at the end proves that we are not alone. My sister and I and now our children are so very blessed to have had our Grandma and she will remain in our hearts until we meet again-thank you for allowing me to share my Grandma with all of you.

Sweet memories from Indiana
Angela Myers

Anonymous Anonymous said...

chilasI was very encouraged to read this message about grandparents' impact on grandchildren. My granddaughter is 4 and up until 9 months ago her Dad was an addict and her Mom reacting all over the place to the money issues and stress of this relationship. Her Dad entered his 5th Rehab a no frills Salvation Army Rehab and their accepted the Lord. After a time of not allowing us visitation we are back to seeing our granddaughter weekly. She comes at 6PM Sat and we read her bible stories before bed. We get ready for church together and she sings to CDs like veggie Worship songs. I get tears in my eyes when I hear her sing loudly "better is one day in your courts, better is one day in your heart better is one day in your heart than a thousand elsewhere." The song says "house" but she always says heart. Her Mom won't have anything to do with church and is extremely liberal in alternative lifestyles etc. and I tend to get discouraged thinking we have her such a small fraction of the time and she is in the world's grasp the rest but we will keep up our bible stories and church going and praying before bed. We'll keep praying for her and her parents and perhaps we can continue to hear the worship songs sung loud and clear as she grows up.

Blogger Betty said...

As I prepare to become a grandmother for the first time this summer, I praise God for my grandparents that taught me to love the Lord! My Grandaddy led many "singings" when I was a little girl, leading the congregation in "Have a Little Talk With Jesus" because he knew I loved that song!! (He taught me the bass part!) My Me-maw was always there for me! I miss them so much! I want to be the grandparent to my grandson, Sawyer, as my grandparents were to me!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The devotional for today, "A Grandparent's Faith", was timed so perfectly for me. I went with my daughter to her first doctor's appointment today to hear the heartbeat and see the pictures of my first grandchild! Oh, what a blessing from God!!! My grandparents were such an inspiration to me while growing up and my goal is to be that strong and faithful guide to my grandchild. While my mother and dad worked full-time jobs, it was my grandparents that helped my sister and I with the many details of life and the wonderful Bible drills we had. My grandmother, especially, was a prayer warrior and had a strong faith in God. She is now 97 years old, but no longer capable of doing anything for herself. My aunt and mother now take care of her at home and will until the Lord calls her home. We all live on the same block in four separate houses. Once my grandchild is born, we will have the fifth generation. Thank you for sharing this devotion on this particular day! Glenda (halsellers@cyberback.com)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have recently become a grandmother last yr for the 1st time. It wasnt a planned event, but I know that God has reasons for all He does including children who come to bless us...I have just found out that same family is expecting again, they have had the WORD spoken to them, and I want to be able to speak to my grandchildren in ways I can reach them..I dont think it was a coincidence that I found this email tonight, more like a God incidence...I have recently started an on line bible study and have been growning thru it, my week to have something is next week, and I have had it set to be on you guessed it, The Proverbs Woman, just what I have been reading about here,if interested the bible study is at heartbeatworld.ning.com.... praise God as He is always good all the time, and its always in His time, amen...
Laura @ sweetpea060365>com

Blogger Kristin said...

I was blessed with wonderful grandparents on both sides but until I was six it was just my mom and I. I just remember my grandparents taking me to the farm with them often and just always loving on me. They still to this day have a wonderful relationship with me. And even though we live in Oregon and they live in Canada we are close and now my kids adore them. I loved seeing them read their bibles together in the morning when I would come upstairs early.

I was born into a Christian family due to my Grandparents becoming Christians in their teen years. This is something that I always took for granted until my children lost their Grandmother, my Mother to cancer at a young age. I was fortunate to have a Godly Mother, but her life was cut to short. When my first granddaughter was born I literally prayed that I would be the Faithful, Spiritual mentor in my grandchildrens lives.
This past Easter our oldest granddaughter, Grace Kathrine said six heart warming words, these are words I will never forget.
After a full day of festivities, including Sunrise Service and fun family activities I asked Grace if she had a wonderful day. Grace looked at me and said, "YaYa, thank you for loving Jesus."
I turned to my husband as tears welled up in my eyes, you see Grace is only four years old. Grace loves to pray and has such a sweet sweet spirit.
My Grandmother lived by the scriptures and could quote just about any of them. One of her favorites, "My heart and flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Ps. 73:26
When the going gets tough and the valleys are deep I often reflect back to my wonderful Grandmother and the spiritual mentor she was to many. I miss my grandparents and my Mom but know I have the promise of seeing them again. For now, I continue to pray that the Lord will Bless me and help me to be the spiritual mentor to my special precious gifts, my grandchildren.

Blogger Rae1 said...

When I think of grandmothers, I immediately think of my mom. She is an amazing grandmother to my daughters and nieces. I feel loved by her two-fold because of the love she poors into my girls. She and my daughter were both diagnosed with cancer 8 years ago, and my mother's cancer was eventually considered terminal. She was and is my strength and is an example of what unwavering faith in God (and not the doctors) and passionate determination can bring, which is healing. She needed to make sure that her granddaughters had a chance to know her and feel her love, even through so much suffering. Her will to live is a gift that words could never express. She could have given up so many times, but pressed on because of her love for her family. None of us know what the future will bring, but her faith in our Lord will be a legacy for many generations, and my children and I are blessed to be a part of the journey. Rae1

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never cease to be amazed when God works through others to encourage us. I read the devotional today and was honestly feeling a bit down. My Grandmother recently when to be with the Lord and this Sunday (May 4th) would have been her birthday. Selfishly, I wish I could call and speak with her. I cannot remember a time that I called her and she was too busy or tired to talk. She was always interested in everything I was doing and was a constant source of encouragement,motivation, and strength. I truly believe that every human should have a person in their life that loved them and was on "their team" no matter what the circumstance...my Grandmother..Jane Neal White was that person to me. Although I still have moments of sadness, I am comforted by her words "You're stong you can do it!" "I think you're great!", her unwaivering faith, and her generosity.
Nicole nlwildcat@comcast.net

Blogger Sheena said...

Hi ,

Talking bout my grandma bring back so many sweet memories.I am who i am today because of what she deposited in my life.She was a fun,loving and extremely gentle caring person.She always a smile on her face wherever she is and watever situation she encounters.

If she was alive today, she would be ninety six.She died one and a half years ago.

She loved praying and reading the bible.We literally have to stop her from reading sometimes.She was as fit as a fiddle and whenever she goes to the doctors for her routinal check up, the doctors will admire her strength and her ability to strike a conversation with them.One one particular day, a non-believer doctor asked her,grandma what is ur secret in staying so healthy.Without missing a beat,she coolly replied,well doctor... its no secret at all... i jus read the bible and pray everybody.The doctor who is a non-believer was taken aback and he said ... Thats good grandma.. u have a good God.Isnt that a wonderful testimony.Wherever she is she jus loves talking about God.And you know what... I see myself becoming jus like her.

I give God all glory and honour and praise for a wonderful godly grandma in my life.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Grandmother was my best friend, my mother, my sister and my angel all rolled into one. I was her sole caregiver for the past seven years up until her passing in October. I always had very good times with my grandparents but spending that close time over the past seven years as Grandma's caregiver changed my life. Grandma always said be true to your family and take care of your family. Her love and wisdom will forever be with me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandmother had always been petrified of water. She was baptized by immersion when I was 10. I will never forget how much it took for her to do that. It was such a step of faith for her. I knew even then that it was the Lord guiding her feet into that water. Knowing that she can step out into faith and do that has been an inspiration to me. I know that God will help me to do whatever he has called me to do. Sadly for us, Grandma met Jesus just 2 years later. :-(

I pray I can be such an inspiration to my children and also someday my grandchildren.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This devotional hit home to me. I too grew up in a Christian home where church life and home life meant two different things. I spent summers with my grandparents, and it was particularly my grandmother who taught me what a relationship with Jesus was truly about - not just with words, but how she lived her life. She lived in a very small town, was a preacher's wife, and although they had only a two bedroom house, hosted a multitude of guests - pastor's/families from out of town, anyone in need, etc. She was a true picture of servanthood. She was involved in all church functions, played the piano/organ for the church, etc. She taught piano lessons to many people - this was her particular ministry - one where she lead many people to Christ. She also lead me to Christ on Christmas day - when I was 5 years old. Our visits were always special - she always had time for me, taught me to cook, sew and many other things and was a living example of how to treat others. Last year she was excited to find out that my husband and I were going to have a baby after many years of trying. She never got to see my preemie daughter, who came a month after she passed away (she went to be with the Lord Thanksgiving day, 2007). She had been struggling illness off and on for many years - but was always so strong. During her illnesses, she always made it clear to everyone, including nurses in the hospital, that she was ready and excited to meet her Lord (she witnessed to countless nurses/staff). As difficult as it was to attend her funeral this fall, it made a large impact on me - watching person after person stand up and talk about the impact this one humble little lady had made on their life. Her hospitality, her witness, her walk with the Lord. There was no doubt her life was solely lived to serve the Lord - loving all of those who crossed her path. It made me realize that that was what life here on earth was all about. That when I go to meet my Lord, I want her legacy to be mine also. I pray that I can be even half the woman hat she was. I miss her so much - but have comfort - because of her witness to me at a young age - that I will see her again!! Hallelujah!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to remember my grandma today! Sandy - greers01@comcast.net

Blogger Vanessa said...

In the 60's my Mom was a single parent raising 2 kids, so we lived with my Grandparents in a very small house in a cottonmill town in NC. We attended church every time the doors were open(we took up an entire pew). That is until my Grandpa was diagnosed with TB. Evevr morning when I got up he was on his knees beside his bed and every nite at bedtime. I saw him praise God through that storm until he passed away when I was 12.He raised his children and his grandchildren with biblical values that still are with me today. His favorite was the golden rule. I find myself all the time saying," my grandpa said..." Just a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to spend time with 5 of my grandchildren at the same time( I have 7!). As we were talking, one of my grandsons, age 14, said "Nana, no matter what we talk about, you always find a way to bring it around to God!" That was a reminder to me that even at 53, my Grandpa's words are still strong and still alive in me. May I be the Godly woman he would be proud of, and a woman that pleases God every day of my life! Vanessa vnowell@suddenlink.net

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandparents ministered to the Central Valley of California for over 60 years. It was my grandmother that took me by the hand (literally and figuratively) and led me to Christ. She demonstrated the unconditional love of Christ to me, to our family, to everyone they met. My Grandmother shared wonderful stories about HER Grandmother and how she influenced HER walk with Christ. She adored her Grandmother as I adored mine. As my children enter adulthood, I begin to prepare for my life as a Grandmother and pray the Lord will allow me to make a difference in the life of my grandchildren as my Grandma made a difference in mine by living a Christ-like life. Pray for me! I have a big role to fill!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was my first Daily Devotion to receive and how appropriate. My grandparent's are a huge example to our family of God's love and perseverance he has for his children. Some family members have gone astray at times, but they continue to love unconditionally and help draw that person back to the Lord through prayer and compassion. There are 30 members of our family and we go to church together and eat Sunday lunch together. We love Sundays...it's the Lords' day and family day. My grandparent's are the perfect example of Christ here on earth. Thanks for sharing Tod's story.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This helped me so much. I have two grandsons who until recently have been a large part of my life. Over the past year I have seen them a handful of times. Miles haven't seperated us, but anger, misunderstanding, and selfishness has. Lets say the devil used a bad situation to the fullest in order to gain the upper hand.
Prayer for healing is a constant for me. The pain of seperation is slowly retrieving. Your article has helped me realize that the time spent with my grandsons will indeed impart Gods love to them as I am faithfull and obedient to His will. I will more than ever keep this utmost in my mind, when I do spend time wtih them. If they can experience an ounce of the joy I feel when we see each other, I will be a blessed grandmother indeed! Thank you for your words of wisdom and guidence.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't learn anything positive from either set of my grandparents. Sad to say, huh? My dad's parents had nothing to do with ny 2 brothers & me after he died at the early age of 33 (complications of diabetes). Mom's parents took us in and for the next season of our lives, let us know what a burden we were to them.

I hope that when the day comes that I become a grandparent to my daughter's children I will be a help to them. I hope to be a place they can come for comfort and love.

But first, she's got to get married!! LOL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Grandmother was a wonderful Chrisitan woman who showed me how to be a good Christian by living out her faith day by day and serving at her church and giving to those who had need of her meager income. I was blessed to have her to show me that Christ is real and that I can rise above my circumstances by trusting in Him and not being weighed down by the choices of my parents. She has gone to be with the Lord but I know she looks down on me and is a proud grandma knowing that I have decided to give my life to Christ and to follow Him and raise my children as followers of Christ as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Grandparents lived in the same town as me as a child. My Grandmather is the most faithful Christian woman I have ever ha dthe chance to meet. As a child I remember spending the night at her house and she would sing to us songs like " Oh how I love Jesus" and "This is the day that the Lord has made". We loved to hear her sing. As a teenager any problem I had she would always encourage me to take it to the Lord in prayer. Through my life I have drifted away from God and his pourpose for my life but My grandparent were always praying for me adn reminding me that God was there for me. The have the most wonderful marriage too. I have never seen two people so in love after 58 years. They Pray together. It is so touching. I love them so much and I am so blessed to stil have these two wonderful Christian examples in my life. ~ LIndsay.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandparents were Scottish immigrants. My grandmother made the best shortbread cookies I have ever taste then or now! As a child, I don't remember if my grandmother ever said, "I love you", but she didn't need to voice it, because it was evident in her eyes and in her actions whenever we were near her. I learned later, as an adult, that my grandmother prayed for her grandchildren and that she was a strong Christian. You've heard the song, "Somebody's praying me through", well, now I know that Grandma was praying me through. I knew as a child that when I got "old" I wanted to be a grandma just like her. While my shortbread isn't as good...I'm close. Thanks, Grandma! ~ Nancy

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you for writing this beautiful column. I am honored to work for the senior adults at my church and I will share this with them as an encouragement. Psalm 71:18. My own grandmother gave me a pocket New Testament that was my first Bible. She lived the Gospel. I am blessed by her influence.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had the honor, privilege and joy of being very much a part of the lives of my seven grandchildren-mentoring one in her faith from the age of 12-she is now 18 and gave her personal testimony in a chapel service in her highschool recently, writing letters to each as they make their profession of faith and letters to all of them on any special occasion, taking every opprotunity to share a teaching from God's word with them either by letter, a message left on their cell phones or an email. Recently while watching a Max Lucado Hermie dvd, my little granddaughter asked why
God doesn't talk to us like He spoke to Stanley.That gave me the perfect opportunity to tell her how God speaks to us in His Word, in Nature and through the words of Moms and Dads.
My passwords on the many computer programs that I need to sign into each day,are the names of my grandchildren and as I am putting their name in I offer a prayer up to God for them at the same time.
Being a Grandparent and sharing these lives and watch them grow in their walk with the Lord is one of earth's greatest joys and God's gift

Blogger Nicki said...

This devotion really touched me. My parents divorced when I was 5 and my Dad was never really around after that. My mom met a non Christian and remarried and then stopped going to church all together. My step father wanted nothing to do with it and could be very cruel. But my grandparents always made sure to pick my two sisters and myself up every Sunday to attend church. I can remember how my grandfather stepped in to take the role of father to us girls on many occasions. And I am so thankful he did. He reminded us that our Heavenly Father would never leave us of forsake us. To his day I believe my grandfather is the main I am able to relate to God as Father in my life and trust Him to guide me. I am now 32 and serving the Lord along side of my husband who is a leader in our local church. And my grandfather just turned 90! I thank the Lord for placing my grandparents in my life every day. You see, things could have turned out much differently without their Godly love and direction. As for my Mom - needless to say that the relationship did not last long - my grandparent's had raised her in a Christ centered home and her heart knew that was missing. She is now married to a man who loves the Lord and so now my children will have the privilege of Grandparents who honor the Lord with their lives also. "Train a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it..."

Blogger Mrs, VH said...

As a grandma raising my 2 yr. old grandson, I cannot stress enough the importance of being there consistantly, with unconditionsl love. Kevin has physical and emotional delays because of his mother's lifestyle when she was pregnant. He receives therapy for these delays one or two times a week and it is necessary for him to have a consistant caregiver continually reinforcing the behavior plan. I can not leave him with just any sitter. She has to know what is going on with him and his latest "plan". Consequently I leave him only very rarely. In spite of this he is my greatest blessing. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for giving me a chance to share.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful reminder of how we grandparents can impact our grandchildrens' lives for Christ. My oldest grandchild had to live through the pain of her parents' divorce at the tender age of five. Dysfunction was the backdrop of her daily life and so many times I wished I could just whisk her away from it all and make her world right and happy again. Of course, that was impossible! However, my husband and I determined to make our home a place of refuge for her. A place she could come and be a regular child. No questions, no prying conversations...just happy times with grandparents. She seems to have adjusted well (she is now nearly 15) and still finds our home to be a place where she can simply be herself, find unconditional love and support. We now have 3 more grandchildren to share life with and I am so humbly grateful that God has blessed us so richly.

Blogger ourtimeshishands said...

A picture that is forever fixed in my memory is one of my grandfather reading his Bible. The large window and the mountain view beyond, perfectly framed the tall figure sitting comfortably with one hand on the arm of his recliner and the other free to turn the pages.

I recently framed two pictures of my grandfather/carpenter and thank God that although this humble man has made heaven his home for many years, the legacy of faith he left his family remains.

This immigrant son could not have imagined that his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren would become pastors, teachers, professors, a psychologist, writers, missionaries, nurses, scientists, a chaplain, evangelists, deacons, church planters, and musicians. That is, of course, except by faith!

As a carpenter, he laid many foundations and knew that the materials of the framework must be enduring. His faith is our faith. It is our foundation, our framework, and will endure for eternity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My maternal grandmother died when I was three and a half. I never knew her. I only knew about her through my mother and my aunt, but I learned about what heaven is because of her death. Because I was so young and her illness and death was such a profound event in my life, I have no memory of never knowing about heaven and eternal life. Certainly my understanding of these concepts have grown through the years, but my grandmother's life and death and eternal life in Christ have been a part of what I know and what I believe and what I live everyday- for as long as I can remember. marja@shelby.net

Blogger Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading a Grandparent's Faith. My maternal grandparents weren't church goers in my lifetime, but I understand that they always made sure my mother and her siblings went to church. I was baptized along with my siblings in the church my parents attended growing up. My family though left that church and had us in a variety of churches. I will say that my grandparents came to everything church related for us regardless of where we were worshipping. I think my grandparents exhibited what God wants, especially my grandfather. He was extremely giving and always did for others. His family never wanted for anything. He made sure we were always taken care of. I wish I had seen them be more the church going types but they definitely did God's work and I think instilled that in us. I know my grandfather is up there with God right now watching over us.


Blogger Debbie said...

I received my faith, love, trust and understanding of the Lord from my grandmother and my children. I only hope I can instill in my gandchildren the importance of church, the love, trust, and understanding of God. I recently started taking my 3yr. old grandson to church with me, I pray that in doing so and continuing to do so will get him to groe up understanding the importance of church, and of God.

Blogger ronda said...

My grandmother, Colleen, taught me to have a servant's heart and to love one another. She passed away 17 years ago and I miss her everyday. Many people came to her service and said that she had helped them when they were short money to buy food. She always had a huge garden. She shared with everyone who needed help. She was my first example of living a life of ministry.

Blogger Tammie said...

My grandparents truly changed my life. They walked the walk not just talked the talk. Each day I was able to see them carry out thier faith in many different ways. I miss both of them dearly but know that I am the Christian that I am because of thier unwavering faith.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mom is a wonderful grandmother who when my husband and I had our first child she quit her job to watch our daughter because we needed to work. She is a wonderful women of faith who lives a Chrisitan life, and helps to instill Christian values in my girls lives. She has taught me to look to and trust in God in my life. She is a wonderful example of how her beliefs and the way she lives is being passed on to the next generation. My husband and I attend church with my parents every week and go out for lunch afterwords. She is the one who also fowards me your daily devotions every day. I could not ask for a more godly women as a mom or grandmother then the one we have. She is the world to us.


Blogger Tammie said...

My grandparents truly made a difference in my life. They didn't just talk the talk....they walked the walk. Their daily lives truly reflected Christ in all they did. SO many little things but always thinking of others. I can remember them pulling up to my house each Sunday, honking and as I got in the back seat my grandmother would hand me a dollar for offering. Such a little thing but made a HUGE difference in my life.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a Nana has been one of the most rewarding things in my life, and I'm grateful for the opportunity God has provided. It's a real challenge some days, but you have to stay on your toes, and always watch what you say and do, because you never want to do anything to let them down. We have a lot of fun singing, talking about Jesus, reading stories, and just plain talking about how good HE is, as well as reciting verses of scripture. We always seem to learn almost as much from them as they do from us. Out of the mouths of babes is very true scripture, and we should never do anything to lead them anywhere but toward Jesus and the cross HE died on for our sins. Our little grandson, who will be 4 pretty soon, went around both before and after Easter saying Jesus is Alive, and he knew what he was talking about, too. That just thrilled my heart to no end. My own Mother, who died over a year ago now, was such a wonderful Mother and Nannie, and I hope that I will be half as good at the jobs as she was. She was a real blessing to know. Even three days before her death, she kept telling me that our son and daughter in law were going to have a child, one way or the other, and they have been priviliged to adopt a precious little angel who just turned 9 months old. She is a joy to all of us, but especially our little grandson, who just loves her to death. Thanks for your efforts for the Lord's kingdom, and the devotions each day seem to be just what I need. To God be the glory!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I read this devotion, it touched me. I am a "tweener". My grandmother demonstrated to me on my vacation visits, her love of others regardless of who they were, because she knew WHOSE they were whether it was fresh bread she shared or a jar of homemade jelly.
Now I am the grandmother and cannot talk about God, Jesus or His Love with my grandsons, but I do show them love as well as my son and daughter in law with the prayer that someday, they will Know HIM as I Know HIM. Thank you for words of comfort and inspiration

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a new grandma with a precious 3 month old grandson. My own influential and inspirational grandma went home to the Lord 5 years before I was born. I grew up hearing stories of her service, hard work, ministry and walk of faith. She didn't have an easy life and died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 52. Yet her life and how she lived it did not die. We saw the fruits of her ministry, the respect of her family and friends and the work of her hands throughout my childhood. My hope is to continue a similar heritage for my grandson and future grandchildren whether I am still here on earth or not. I am praying for his life, his faith, and his ministry on earth. I also pray that he may see the love of Jesus through us and our lives as I did through my grandma and I look forward to meeting her and thanking her for her legacy of faith and love someday in heaven.


Blogger Sue Ellen 53 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Sue Ellen 53 said...

When I visited Grandmother, before we would go to sleep st night, she would get her Bible and read a Psalm to me. She explained to me that the Psalms could be a great comfort if I felt afraid or upset. These days, if I feel afraid or upset, I open up a Bible to the Psalms. When I read a Psalm, it always gives me the peace and comfort I am seeking.
I have shared the Psalms as a source of comfort with my two sons, who are now grown. Though my Grandmother has been in Heaven for many years now, I have never forgotten those days when I was a small child when she shared the Psalms with me. I hope some day to be able to share the Psalms with my future grandchildren just as Grandmother shared them with me.

Sue Ellen 53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was blessed to have my grandparents living across the street from me when I was growing up. My Grandma had a "Children's Church" every Saturday morning for the kids in the neighborhood. She and my Grandpa used to play the piano and sing songs with the children and when the family would get together. I hope to be able to influence my grandchildren in the positive way my grandparents did for me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

None of my grandparents were people of faith, but in spite of that, my mother became a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. My brothers and I were taken to church every Sunday and many of us became followers, too. Now I have grandchildren of my own and I try to be a living example to them, showing them Christ at work in my life. I pray for them daily, lifting them up for God's blessings. The four grandchildren attend vacation Bible school with me every summer--what a blessing!

Sue Walker

Blogger Laine said...


My Grandmother was the only one in my life that showed my unconditional love. I treasure her so much, she is so far away and it's hard thinking I will loose her one day. Her father was the one that taught her Christian values, however I'm afraid she isn't saved because she has said she is "agnostic". I actually thought I would send her a Bible for Mother's Day in hopes to draw her heart to reading it again. Even if I don't win this one please be praying for my grandmother. Thank you!

Elaine Fontana

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was blessed to have very godly Grandparents, on one side they were both deaf and still never thought of themselves as anything less than blessed. They both were involved and active in a deaf church helping to spread the good news of Christ to a largely unchurched population. Even now, I am the first one my Grandmother emails or asks for if she needs prayer, or help with any church activity.

My other grandmother was a widow but still served the Lord so faithfully. She worked hard to provide for herself until at the age of 56 could no longer work and fight her breast cancer. My mom who was only 34 at the time began to take care of her and I was blessed to have my Grandma live with us until she died at the young age of 58. She was a shining example to me of being joyful in everything, on her worst days she still loved the Lord and loved life.

The challenges that strengthened the faith of my grandparents serve as reminder to me how great our God is. He and He alone can overcome everything, even death. I look forward to a heavenly reunion with my grandparents who have already went to be with their Heavenly Father and I enjoy the time I have with my grandma who still is here with us waiting to rejoin her husband who she loves and misses even after 13 years without him.

Thanks for encouraging these memories, I have been blessed as I remember my family.


Blogger debi73 said...

I cannot say enough about the influence of my grandmother on my life. As a woman of strong faith I can still recall her spending many hours in prayer and seeing her consistently in God's word. I called her "granny" and since I now am a grandmother I encourage my grand-babies to call me "granny" which they do. I have the privilege of providing care for my grandchildren while their mother works. I now pray that God will work thru me to mold and shape these precious children into strong faithful adults. I long to be a woman of God that leaves a lasting legacy of Christ to future generations.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this devo it really blessed my heart. I will share it with my husband as it is greatly encouraging to me as we try to minister to our grandchildren with the hope that they will draw close to seek our God.
Our grandparents meant a great deal to both of us. I only had grandmothers but my dad's mother was like a second mother to me and showed me God's unconditional love. Again thank you so much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you to the many women who responded to A Grandparent’s Faith. You have been an inspiration to all of us at Proverbs 31 Ministries and Zondervan through your stories. Zondervan, the publisher of The Grandmother’s Bible, is pleased to award Jill (Ma Wannabe) a copy of this treasure. We hope you enjoy this Bible or pass it along to a favorite grandmother in your life. Congratulations! - Zondervan Bible Team

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